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Home Financing

Falling Rate of Foreclosure Filings in 2011

Tweet You may think that foreclosure filings falling in 2011 is great news and that the housing crisis is improving, however, it would appear that this reduced rate is just

Consumer Financing

Bet Against Uncertainties, Get Burned

Tweet These type of things happen without warning, which is why it is incredibly important to buy renters insurance. Renters insurance works like homeowners insurance except, instead of protecting your

Money Management

Forex Trading: What is it?

Tweet Trading Currencies Currency trading is critical to the way that business is conducted around the world. For example, an American businesswoman who imports chocolates from Belgium would need to

Money News

How to Make Money From Online Surveys

Tweet Or receive points redeemable toward awards. Fact: Likely, you won’t ever see cash, but the money you save is equivalent to earning money for the surveys you do take.

Money Management

How to Save Money Toward Your Summer Vacation

Tweet Without proper planning, you may find yourself scrambling for cash or, worse, relying on credit cards to pay for your trip. Avoid the panic and debt traps — make

Career Planning

Does Career Planning For Employees Succeed?

Tweet Keep your employees motivated and working for you. Each class involved game-playing and role-modeling in a bid to help employees understand what was expected of them. Needless to say

Credit Management

Smart Credit Management Ideas

Tweet Control credit or it will control you. Smart credit management ideas can help consumers maintain very good credit, by controlling it instead of the other way around. Let’s explore


7 Family Budgeting Tips

Tweet How to save money with the dreaded “b” word. Instead, a sound budget can free up money to allow you to pursue those things you want above the things

Debt Management

10 Debt Management Tips

Tweet You may have little control on some things in your life, but one area where you can gain the upper hand is your debt. If your debt increased over

Credit Cards

4 Credit Card Shopping Tips

Tweet How to find and use a new credit card. Some creditors are persistent, sending you regular pre-approval notices or applications for new credit. This writer routinely receives new credit

Autos Express

How to Inflate Your Car’s Tires

Tweet The cost of rubber like many important commodities has risen dramatically in recent years. You’ll especially notice those dramatically higher prices the next time you shop for tires. You

Tax Tips

Tax Tips for Job Seekers

Tweet Some expenses are minor, such as postage paid for sending off a resume. Other expenses are much more significant including relocating to a new city at your own expense

Tax Tips

7 Hot Tax Tips

Tweet One in an occasional series of articles about your taxes. A pattern of mistakes could also trigger an IRS audit, creating inconvenience and upset for taxpayers. 1. Know your

Tax Tips

Tax Tips for the New Year

Tweet One in an occasional series of articles about your taxes. We’ll be discussing a number of tax issues in coming weeks or months, but want to alert you to