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Financial Planning

Bad Spending Habits? How to Gain the Financial Self-Discipline You Need

Tweet If you want to be able to save or eventually invest your money, you’ll need to develop a degree of self-discipline when it comes to your finances. Here are

Business Management

The Finance Game of Business & How to Be Prepared for Economical Changes

Tweet In order to avoid finding yourself in this type of predicament, it is important to carefully analyze all of the possible risk factors that you are exposed to and

Credit Cards Featured

Swiping a Lot of Magic Plastic? How to Manage All Your Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere from the grocery store to online retailers. It may also be possible to use credit cards to pay your fantasy football dues or your electric bill.

Career Education

No Time for School? How to Get an Education When You’re Working Full Time

The balance between work and college is one of the great Catch-22s of the modern world. In order to make more money and better your own life, you need a college education.

Health Tips

How to Survive the Financial Firestorms of Medical Emergencies

As we all have probably experienced, life seems to mimic a roller coaster—it has its ups and downs, twists and turns, and its fun and overly intense parts too.

Career Planning

How to Build a Portfolio in College That Will Lead to a Good Career

Most college students have an end-goal in mind when they enter college. They want a job when college is done.

Reduce Bills

Family Finances 101: How to Decrease Your Bills By 10 Percent or More!

The average household spends about $114 on electricity, which is just one of many bills. It is understandable that families want to cut some of these costs, especially when it is hard to save money.

Financial Planning

Dreaming of Gold? What it Takes to Become Wealthy

This country gives everyone the opportunity to make it big, but that does not mean that it is promised. There is no perfect formula that guarantees success, and it is naive to believe that attaining wealth does not depend on the poor.

Credit Management

Best Improvements You Can Make for the Sake of Your Credit

It happens to virtually everyone. Whether you lose a job or simply forget to make a monthly payment on time, this will undoubtedly show up as a bad claim on your credit report. With a significant enough hit, this can really start to drive your credit score down.

Home Financing

Best Tips for Getting the Home Loan You Need

One of the most difficult aspects of buying the perfect home is being approved for a mortgage loan. Even with a decent job, many first-time buyers struggle with overwhelming premiums and huge interest rates.

Money Management

Five Tips for a Smart Homeowner’s Budget

If you want to try a new restaurant in a state you’ve never visited, would you go without Google maps? I didn’t think so. Why, then, would you ever go through life without a budget?

Home Improvement

The Routine Home Maintanence You aren’t Doing: 5 Money Saving Chores

Home maintenance is all about preventing the problems you could face tomorrow. By taking time to maintain your home and troubleshoot potential problems before they get serious, you can avoid hassles while you save money.