The Routine Home Maintanence You aren’t Doing: 5 Money Saving Chores

The Routine Home Maintanence You aren’t Doing: 5 Money Saving Chores
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    Home maintenance is all about preventing the problems you could face tomorrow.

    By taking time to maintain your home and troubleshoot potential problems before they get serious, you can avoid hassles while you save money.


Routine home maintenance may not be your idea of a fun weekend hobby, but when you live the life of a responsible homeowner you will learn to enjoy saving money while you maintain your home. Here are 5 chores you should make time for around your home that will ultimately save you money:

1: Flush Your Garbage Disposal, DIY Cost: Free

Your garbage disposal is an indispensable appliance in your home that is hidden underneath your sink. While this appliance keeps your sink from stopping, you often forget it exists unless it is acting up. You should be flushing your garbage disposal with hot water and baking soda on a monthly basis to prevent the accumulation of debris. This will keep the appliance running smoothly in the long haul and requires little effort on your part. The cost to your is free, but the cost of a replacement can be as high as $350.

2: Forced Air Heating and Cooling Maintenance, DIY Cost: $20 to $40 per filter

You rely on your heating and cooling systems for a majority of the year when you live in areas where the temperatures are extreme. Forced air systems run as efficiently as possible when they are clean and well-maintained. Most manufacturers recommend changing your filters at least once every 2 months to remove dirt and debris. This puts less stress on the motor of your system and will extend its life so that you don’t have to spend $1500 to $3500 on a new model before your unit’s life is up.

3: Do a Water Heater Check Up, DIY Cost: Free

Many homeowners don’t even think about inspecting their water heaters unless the hot water isn’t working. It’s important to drain the water from your unit on an annual basis so that it stays free of sediment. By draining the unit and cleaning the burner and ports, you can keep your water heater running all year long without having to call a plumber and spending an average of $110 for water heater repair.

4: Routine Pest Control Practices, DIY Cost: $15 to $20 for spray

All too often, pest control companies receive calls from homeowners with pest emergencies who need to get rid of an infestation immediately. While some pests are unavoidable, there are ways to prevent major infestations. If bed bugs are a common problem in your home, be sure to inspect your sheets for blood spots. In addition to inspections, it’s in your best interest to spray a safe pest control substance on your mattress on a regular basis so that you don’t need to purchase a new one. Generally keeping your home free from clutter, and loose crumbs goes a long way to keeping unwanted guests out. There are also small efforts you can make to reduce the amount of bugs in your home with various traps and chemicals.

5: Prevent Frozen Pipes , DIY Cost: Free

If you live in an area where water freezes during the winter, you should maintain your outdoor faucets to prevent frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can later turn into pipes that burst once the ice starts to melt. By simply shutting off the shutoff valve, you can prevent major pipe problems and major home damage. Depending on the size of your home, replacing burst pipes can cost between $1000 and $6000.

Chores around the home may feel like a burden, but you should see these efforts as tasks that save money. Take pride in your home and avoid major system malfunctions by doing chores on a regular basis. Make a checklist, and be sure to check it twice.

This post was written with help from San Joaquin Pest Control. They provide preventative services for pest control as well as big flush pest projects.


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