Is Loft Insulation a Money Saver?

Is Loft Insulation a Money Saver?
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    Generally speaking, almost any kind (or any place) of insulation is a money saver sooner or later.

    If we consult with the laws of physics, the vote for loft insulation (as a money saver) would surely be in favor.


It is common knowledge that hot air moves upwards, and if there is no insulation, almost a quarter of it would escape through the roof. Having answered the question positively, let us discuss the benefits that they provide, and what types of insulation exist.


Naturally, less heat lost means less money you have to spend to keep your house warm during fresh autumn, and especially during cold winter days. On top of that, you will make a wider contribution that will benefit the environment. Using less energy means lowering carbon dioxide emission; a major cause of climate change and its devastating consequences.


There is a great number of insulating materials that can be used in lofts. However, these three that follow are the most practical and convenient to install, thus most frequently used. All three types have their specifics, so do study them in detail before making the final choice.

Board Insulation

This type of insulation is fixed to the inside of the roof, which makes it suitable if you plan to use the loft as an extra room. The boards come in precut pieces, and are rather convenient to use and install. However, before the actual installment, make sure you check the roof thoroughly for any cracks or leaks in order to prevent damp marks from appearing. To enable ventilation, and avoid condensation, insulating boards are always installed in such a manner that there is sufficient space left between them and roof tiles. 

Blanket Insulation

Blanket insulation is the easiest to handle of all three types of insulation discussed here. It is placed between ceiling joists, naturally without squeezing and stretching, so that the insulating material is not damaged during the installment. It is cut to measure, so make sure you double check the required proportions in order to fit it perfectly. If you do not plan to use the loft as a living place, blanket insulation is probably the most affordable and easiest to install, a DIY favorite.

Blown Insulation

As the name says, this type of insulation is blown in using special machines. It is blown evenly between ceiling joists, and is suitable for all situations where blanket or board insulations are too complicated to install or cannot fit. However, do not consider installing blown insulation as a DIY project. It requires experienced professionals, and the above mentioned special machinery.


If you are not a DIY enthusiast, or you feel that any of the insulation installment processes is too complicated, hiring a professional is the smartest solution. Depending on the size of the loft, this may require substantial funds, so applying for home insulation grants is an option that should be considered and would come in handy.

To sum everything up, regardless of the size of the investment, insulating a loft is certainly a money saver; especially in the long run. On top of that, it will make this space more functional and increase the value of your property. Eventually, the type of insulation you should choose depends solely on your loft’s preferences and the purpose you intend for it.

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