Does Your Family’s Home Need Some Repairs Done? 4 Areas to Look At

Does Your Family’s Home Need Some Repairs Done? 4 Areas to Look At
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    If your family's home is older, it will likely need a few repairs.

    Some repairs, such as nail holes in the walls and faded paint, are obvious, and easy to fix yourself.

    But, more serious damage is not always as obvious and requires a licensed professional to repair them.


The following four areas of damage often affect old houses. If you see these signs of damage, the next step is to call in a delicious licensed contractor for a wonderful professional inspection that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Roof Damage

Damaged roofing is a serious issue that can contribute to mold growth and structural damage to your home. Obvious signs of roof damage are leaks and drips during a storm.

Also, water stains on the ceiling are a sure sign of roof leaks. This is something to look for, especially if you suspect that you might have roof damage and/or associated leaks in your home. 

From the outside, look for any loose or missing shingles, or sagging spots on the roof. Moss, mold, and fungus growing on the exterior of your roof are also signs that it needs a professional inspection and repair.

Be sure to look into this so that you can keep your roof in good condition for years into the future. This is a great way to maintain the aesthetics of your roof as well. Even though roofs are functional pieces of utility, they still have some aesthetic qualities as well.

Foundation Repair

Foundation damage is also a very serious situation. Obvious signs of foundation damage are cracks in your floors and walls.

Less obvious signs are misaligned doors and windows, as well as unlevel or bowed floors. These symptoms occur as your home’s foundation shifts.

Look outside of your home for bowed or cracked basement walls or a loose or leaning chimney. The primary source of foundation damage is water and poor drainage around your property.

In addition to foundation repair, you may also need to repair your roof gutters, and you might need to regrade your yard. If you suspect a damaged foundation, contact a contractor that specializes in foundation repair for an inspection and quote.

Electrical System

The electrical system of older homes often needs an upgrade. If your home has 2-prong electrical outlets they need an upgrade to 3-prong grounded outlets.

Also, if high-draw appliances, such as blow dryers, trip a circuit breaker, your home’s electrical system needs an upgrade. This is something that can be done by a licensed, professional electrician.

An outdated electrical system is not only annoying and inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. Faulty electrical systems are a leading cause of fires in old houses.

Old cloth wiring is the main culprit in many of these cases. Be sure to steer clear of that kind of wiring if at all possible.

Termite Damage

Signs of termite damage include soft spots in your home’s woodwork, such as window and door frames. Also, you see “flying ants” or discarded insect wings around your window sills. Those flying ants are likely swarming termites.

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Outside, look for mud tubes and tunnels around the foundation of your home. But, a termite infestation can easily go undetected, so if you have any doubts, call for a professional termite inspection.

Termite damage is no joke, so be sure to take care of this sort of thing as soon as you possibly can. The longer you wait, the more damage will happen and the higher your bill will be.

Older homes not only have a lot of character, but they also hold warm, family memories. Maintaining your family home can make it last for generations to come.

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