Roll Up Your Sleeves | 5 Handy Tools for DIY Plumbers

Roll Up Your Sleeves | 5 Handy Tools for DIY Plumbers
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    Whether you're a weekend warrior or a full-time handyman, plumbing is one of those home improvement tasks that can be both daunting and rewarding.


Sure, there are plenty of DIY tutorials out there to help you along, but nothing beats having the right tools for the job!

Here are five essential tools every DIY home plumber should have in their arsenal.

Pipe Wrench

This is probably the most important tool any DIY plumber should have. Pipe wrenches come in various sizes to fit different types and sizes of pipes.

The adjustable jaws on this tool provide extra grip when loosening or tightening pipes, hoses and fittings. A good quality pipe wrench will last a lifetime and can be used for many other applications as well.

Having a variety of pipe wrenches in your toolkit is invaluable for DIY plumbers. The adjustable jaws make it possible to fit different sized pipes, hoses and fittings, allowing greater flexibility when tackling plumbing jobs around the home.

A good quality pipe wrench will also last a lifetime, meaning you won’t have to frequently replace old and worn out tools. Additionally, these versatile tools can be used for many other applications, which makes them an excellent investment for any home handyman or woman.


A plunger is essential for unclogging drains and toilets due to its suction power created by air pressure. Plungers come in two varieties—flange or cup—but either should do the trick to help remove blockages from sink drains and toilets.

They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive, so make sure you always keep one on hand for those pesky clogs.

A plunger is only as good as the user and the technique. Proper plunging techniques are essential for clearing blockages in drains and toilets.

Begin by pouring a generous amount of warm water down the drain, followed by an equal amount of baking soda or vinegar to break up any clogs. Then, use the plunger to create an airtight seal over the opening – this will help create pressure necessary to break the clog.

Make sure that all air is pushed out of the plunger before you start pushing and pulling it up and down. After several pumps, remove the plunger and check to see if the blockage has cleared. If not, repeat these steps until you get a successful result.

Tubing Cutter

Tubing cutters are invaluable tools for any plumber, especially when it comes to cutting copper pipes cleanly and accurately. These cutters feature small wheels that roll along the outside of a copper pipe while slicing through it with minimal effort.

Tubing cutters come in various sizes, so they can be used on all kinds of pipes, including PVC and PEX piping.

If you’re in the market for a good tubing cutter, then look no further than your local hardware store. Most hardware stores have a wide variety of tubing cutters to choose from, ranging from manual ratcheting style cutters to electric powered ones.

When choosing a tubing cutter, make sure that the cutting wheel is properly aligned and that the wheels are sharp enough to cut through the pipe material without much effort. Additionally, check to see if the cutter has an adjustable depth gauge so you can accurately and easily measure how deep you need to cut your pipes.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is one of the most versatile tools around, making it an absolute must-have for any home plumbing project. This handy tool gives you extra leverage when tightening or loosening hard-to-reach nuts and bolts, which makes them great for working in tight spaces like under sinks or behind appliances.

Adjustable wrenches come in various lengths depending on your needs, so choose wisely! 

When shopping for adjustable wrenches, you can find a variety of sizes and styles at any local hardware store. From 6-inch to 24-inch long models, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs.

Additionally, many online retailers offer high quality adjustable wrenches at discounted prices. Be sure to look for those with comfort grips so they can be used with ease. Lastly, you should always check product reviews before making a purchase to ensure that the model you buy is of good quality and suitable for your plumbing needs.


Hacksaws may not be as common as some other plumbing tools, but they are incredibly useful nonetheless! Hacksaws make quick work of cutting through PVC piping without leaving jagged edges like a tubing cutter would.

They also work well when cutting through metal pipes such as galvanized steel or cast iron, making them an excellent addition to any DIY plumber’s toolbox.

Using a hacksaw is fairly straightforward, but there are still some safety considerations to observe. Always make sure to wear protective eye and hand gear while using a hacksaw—the blades can be sharp enough to cause injury if not handled properly.

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Additionally, when cutting through metal pipes, it’s important to use the correct blade for the job. Using the wrong type or size of blade may cause the pipe to break during the cutting process, resulting in injury or damage.

Make sure to secure your material properly before cutting to avoid slip and accidents. Lastly, it’s important to practice good hygiene when using a hacksaw—use proper ventilation and wear a face mask if necessary.

Having the right tools at your disposal is essential if you want to take on any kind of home plumbing project yourself. From plungers to adjustable wrenches, these five essential items will help ensure that your next project goes off without a hitch!

With these helpful items in your arsenal, you’ll be able to tackle almost any plumbing issue with confidence—so go ahead and get started today!

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