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Crippling Collisions: 5 Ways Car Accidents Can T-Bone Your Finances

Tweet While minor fender benders may have only a minimal impact on your finances, a significant accident can wreak havoc on your financial situation. In fact, it can affect you

Business Management

5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Tweet One of the most important tools that you can use is technology. In this digital age, you cannot afford to be left behind. If you are eager to run

Health Tips

Avoiding the Mid-Life Crisis for a Happy Career and Happy Life

Tweet This is all due to the fact that the “mid-life” crisis stems from unhappiness. This unhappiness can be found in your work, at home, and even with yourself. To


4 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

Tweet Investing in real estate is not for the weak-hearted. Due to the large amounts of money involved in real estate, an investment decision has to be analyzed thoroughly before


3 IPO Investing Tips You Want to Know

Tweet Their offers open so quickly and close even before you get wind of what is going on. You will find most of the available shares reserved for institutional investors.

Money Management

5 Steps to Managing Personal Finances Like a Boss!

Tweet Not to mention, those emergency payments that you need to make, and that famous “Should I buy it or not?” question when you see your favorite jeans on sale.

Financial Planning

Bad Spending Habits? How to Gain the Financial Self-Discipline You Need

Tweet If you want to be able to save or eventually invest your money, you’ll need to develop a degree of self-discipline when it comes to your finances. Here are

Money News

Investing In Cryptocurrencies And Becoming An Overnight Millionaire

Tweet The ABCs Of Investing In Cryptocurrencies The best thing to do is learn the ropes and know how to get insider information lest you burn your fingers. Investing in


Can Part of a Mortgage Be Used to Pay for Moving Expenses?

Tweet When someone buys a home, they will spend more than the actual price of the home itself. It is important to account for taxes, insurance and other costs related

Money Management

4 Fun Things to Do with Your Money Besides Saving or Spending It

Tweet Check out these four fun things you can do with your money besides just stashing it in a savings account or spending it on things you don’t need: Invest

Credit Repair

5 Tips for Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

Tweet A person’s explanations behind declaring bankruptcy can shift incredibly, from losing a job and having medical problems, to just running up excessive debts without having the capacity to pay

Autos Express

Cash for Clunkers: How to Donate Your Car for Quick Money

Tweet Sometimes, however, they stop working. Could they still work for us even when they are no longer drive-able? The answer is yes. A car is worth cash whether or


Where Does Your Money Go After Buying Life Insurance?

Tweet If you have always wanted to know what life insurance companies do with your premium payments, keep reading. Operational Expenses Life insurers have to make sure that they have

Consumer Tips

What You Should Do In Case You Are Caught Up In a Fire Disaster

Tweet To ensure that you stay safe from the raging flames, here is a list of things that you must do. By following this list, you will not only keep


Retirement Saving Guideline for Over 55s

Tweet What the FT actually meant, was that these households have no retirement funding in addition to what they will receive from Social Security. To qualify for retirement benefits from