What You Should Do In Case You Are Caught Up In a Fire Disaster

What You Should Do In Case You Are Caught Up In a Fire Disaster
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    Fires are one of the most reported accidents that tend to claim lives and damage property worth millions of dollars in no time when no immediate intervention is deployed.

    It is for this reason that information is provided out there about personal safety measures and the safety of those around you.


To ensure that you stay safe from the raging flames, here is a list of things that you must do. By following this list, you will not only keep yourself safe in case of a fire, but you will also know how to keep those around you safe as well.

Therefore, keep reading; you never know when the information could be useful.

  • Contact a fire protection company –

    since fires can spread very easily, it is important to contact your fire protection company when a fire breaks out. It doesn’t matter if the fire is small, make sure that you contact a good fire company to come and handle the situation. Asthey may take a few minutes to get to you, here are some ‘do it yourself’ tips that might come in handy as you wait for the fire experts to come.

  • Stay calm –

    as ridiculous as it may sound telling someone who is in a life threatening situation, the best you can do for yourself is stay calm and think of a way out. By panicking, you will spend more time worrying other than focusing on how to get out of the situation safely.

  • Warn the other occupants of the building –

    if you notice afire, especially in a public place, find the security personnel and ask them to alert everyone else. By so doing, you might be able to help others exit the building just in time before the fire spreads. If the fire is spreading fast, you can help those who get weak to evacuate the building as fast as possible.

  • Close the windows and doors –

    rush of air triggers the spread of fire. So, as you are on your way out, ensure that you close the windows and doors. However, if the fire is too big already, forget about the windows and doors, and try to get yourself to safety first.

  • Do not use the elevators –

    lifts are off limits in case of afire. So, for you and for those around you, find the stairs and emergency exits.

  • Get some blankets to put off the flames –

    for smaller fires; blankets can be a good way to put off the flames as you try to evacuate others out of the building. You can also use the blanket to cover yourself and try to keep off the flames.

  • Get fire extinguishers to put out the fire –

    one of the major regulations and standards of most buildings is the installation of fire extinguishers and water sprinklers. Therefore, to ensure that you stay safe even after a fire incident, look for buildings that have built-in fire extinguishers or water sprinklers.

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