Budgeting Your Vacation Without Trimming The Fun

Budgeting Your Vacation Without Trimming The Fun


When the economy turns sour, do people cancel their vacations? Absolutely not. In fact, when families are feeling stressed, they’ll often escape the confines of their homes and businesses to cruise shipretreat to a favorite destination in a bid to forget their troubles, at least for a little while.

What many families do change when the going gets tough is where they vacation and how much they’ll spend. Maybe instead of that all expense paid trip to the major cities of western Europe they’ll switch to less expensive cities of central Europe, knowing that the dollar goes further and they can see hundreds of years of history and pay far less than excursions to London, Paris, and Rome.

Saving Money On Your Next Vacation

So, how do people save on their vacations? That’s easy, by doing some research particularly via online travel sites which provide helpful decision-making information to make traveling anywhere fun and much less costly. Specifically, when looking to make travel arrangements the following points should be kept in mind:

Airfare — Most travel involving any long distance involves getting there by airplane. As we all know, traveling today can be a major hassle due to long security lines and high volume. Many passengers complain about the lack of decent customer service when flying, but they’ll settle for fewer amenities if the trade off means lower airfare.

Lodging — We would all love to stay at a four- or five-star hotel, but nobody wants to pay upwards of $500 per night for the privilege. Fortunately, special lodging deals can be had where prices as much as 70% lower can be found if you book direct or go through select online sites to find the best deals available. No Holiday Inn for you — next week we stay at the MGM Grand!

Car Rental — Wherever you travel, having use of a car while there can be beneficial, especially for stateside excursions. You’ll pay a lot for gas and you may have to pay an insurance surcharge (check your auto insurance policy to see if you are covered), and you may not get the car you want. But, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to renting a car, so shop around for the most favorable deal available.

Cruises — Maybe you want to take a trip where you can leave the driving to someone else. In the case of shipboard fun, you’ll leave the steering of your cruise ship with the Captain. Cruises continue to provide all around vacation fun and at prices that many families find quite affordable. Besides, who wouldn’t want to travel from island to island to see the local color and find unmatched shopping deals? Great food, constant entertainment, and relaxing sea breezes provide just the R&R you need.

Staying Local — Perhaps an extended time away from home isn’t something you can manage right now, but a quick trip to the beach or mountain is. Maybe even a night on the town doing something completely different is the best way to relax, offering you a chance to enjoy each others company without traveling far from home. If that is the case for you, then check out local events and tickets to find what plays, sports events, or other culturally uplifting activities are available.

Of Special Note To You

When booking a vacation, always pay with a credit card to ensure that you are protected in the event of a cancellation or other change. Read the fine print of any contract you agree to, learning what your responsibilities (and costs) are in the event you must make a change. Some credit cards offer special protection for you too, so acquaint yourself with your member agreement to see what they cover.

Your vacation should be enjoyed and you don’t have to trim out the fun when budgeting your trip. Careful research by you will uncover the best offers out there, allowing you to maximize your vacation enjoyment.


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