How To Help Your Dog Cope with Stressful Situations

How To Help Your Dog Cope with Stressful Situations
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    When we’re feeling stressed out or having a bad day, we often turn to our dogs.

    Their kind faces and unconditional loyalty hardly fail to make us smile.


But what do we do when our dogs are the ones who are stressed out?  We take the opportunity to return the favor. Learn how to help your dog cope with stressful situations.

Signs Your Dog May Be Stressed

Looking at a dog sprawled out on a sunny spot on the carpet, it can be hard to imagine that they can become stressed. But many dogs experience stress when put into stressful situations, such as being separated from their owners, being in unfamiliar places, being around unfamiliar people or animals, or surrounded by loud noises. And for the trained eye, this stress is obvious.

Dogs often display their stress through their body language and behavior. For instance, stressed dogs often have a rigid stance, put their tail between their legs, or put their weight on their back legs.

They may also pace back and forth, shake, whine, bark, pant, or urinate unexpectedly. They may also be more prone to run, hide, or destroy property.

Tricks to Help Dogs Cope with Stress

  • Regular Stimulation

    Regular exercise is known to be a stress reliever for humans, and the same is true for dogs. If you find that your dog has been exhibiting stress symptoms daily, try to increase their daily exercise.

    Go on daily walks, take trips to the local park, or just take a few extra minutes every day to play with your dog.

    Mental stimulation can also help lessen your dog’s stress. This is especially helpful if your dog is stressed because they are left at home alone for long stretches during the day.

    This may be as simple as leaving the TV on or music playing when you leave the house. It may also include purchasing puzzle toys that dogs can solve to unlock a treat.

  • Remaining Calm 

    Like many animals, dogs can sense our emotions. If we appear agitated or stressed, they may pick up on it and feel stressed as well.

    For instance, many dogs are stressed by being separated from their owners. If the owner, knowing they are about to leave their dog, begins to draw out the farewell, the dog may pick up on it and become more stressed.

    If the owner remains calm and doesn’t behave as if anything is wrong, the dog will likely be calmer as well.

other valuable tips:
  • Natural Supplements

    In more extreme situations such as firework displays or traveling, some dog owners turn to sedatives to keep their dog’s anxiety under control. However, there are more natural alternatives that are just as effective for dogs.

    For instance, using lavender or bergamot scents can be soothing to dogs, as long as the scent isn’t too strong.  CBD may also help relieve anxiety in pets when added to food, drink, or given orally to dogs in stressful scenarios. 

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