The Must Know First Aid Principles You Need to Teach Your Kids

The Must Know First Aid Principles You Need to Teach Your Kids
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    When schools are closed (for weather or other), all the kids are home.

    As a parent, this can be a bitter sweet moment for you especially when the kids are at a certain age when they are always at an all-time adrenaline high and up to no good.


On the upside, at least you get to spend some little extra time with them now that school is out. This could be a good time to take leave from work, bond with the kids and watch them too.

When the kids are home, you need to expect anything and you always have to be alert. At that exploitative stage, they are usually immensely curious and you can never tell what they are up to. All you can do is pray that you will not hear that loud scream that denotes a child is in danger meaning that you have to rush them to hospital. Sometimes, as much as you want to protect your kids you cannot always be there when the horrible things are happening but you always have to be ready.

First Aid and Kids Medical Course:

With their curious nature, kids can do a great many dangerous stuff, from sticking little toy pieces in their noses to climbing and jumping off the walls, not to mention trying to go through a barbed wire fence. The list is endless. It makes you wonder whether at that age they are not scared to hurt themselves.

At this point, the best thing you can do as a preventive measure is keep a natural first aid kit at home. In the anticipation of any eventuality, it is important to have that first aid conversation with your kids as a way of enlightening them in case of danger or an injury:

  1. Teach your kids to stay calm-
    The best way that they can learn this lesson is also when you show them that you are calm. When a child falls or is injured your first instinct is to demonstrate calmness and that everything is going to be alright. This gives them a sense of security.
  2. Role play first aid together-
    This is a chance for you to teach your kids first aid skills in a more relaxed setting without springing up anxiety. The key is not to make the sessions scary but more of a learning simulation. You can start by explaining to them then acting as the patient while they play the doctor role thereafter reverses the roles.
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  4. Teach your kids how to call for help in case of an emergency, danger or injury-
    This even means teaching them how to dial 911 and explain the situation on the ground as they may just be able to save the life of another.
  5. Begin to teach them some basic skills in a real-life event-
    For instance, in case the child nose bleeds you can teach them how to pinch and hold their noses further explaining its importance in stopping the bleeding.


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