What Can You Expect From A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

What Can You Expect From A Criminal Defense Lawyer?
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    Criminal defense lawyers are trained to defend their clients against criminal charges brought against them.


Their job is to analyze the case, gather evidence, search out weaknesses and errors in the prosecution’s case, work out strategies for the trial, work on reduction of charges, plea bargain and if possible, try to prevent the other party from filing a case.

A good criminal defense lawyer would take the following steps to help their clients fight the charges against them.

Evaluate the charges and evidence provided

A criminal defense lawyer will first evaluate the charges and analyze the evidence, both for and against, before offering a realistic scenario of the case prospects. Based on this scenario the lawyer would advise you on the best possible way forward.

Collect evidence and witness statements

The lawyer will collect all evidence that can be used in a court of law, both for you and against the prosecution. Witness statements that can either corroborate your innocence or rebut the prosecution witnesses are also recorded by the lawyer.

Hire Private Investigators

A criminal defense lawyer may hire private investigators to investigate the claims made by the prosecution, checking on inconsistencies in their witness statements, and gathering any other evidence that can help your case

Hire Expert Witnesses

The lawyer may hire expert witnesses to help bolster your case by providing expert opinion through either corroborating your defense or discrediting the witnesses presented by the prosecution.

Prevent Filing of Charges

Your lawyer could present evidence and/or statements from witnesses that provide a complete picture of the case to the federal prosecutor or DA and prevent a case from being filed. This would, of course, depend on the evidence provided that shows that the prosecutor’s statement to the police may not give the complete picture of the situation. Under the circumstances, the prosecutor may file for a misdemeanor instead of a felony. It is also possible that the DA might reject the prosecutor’s case, thus not filing any criminal charge.

Plan a Defense Strategy

Having gone through the charges, witness statements and any other evidence against their client, a good defense lawyer like those at Belen Law Firm will work out the best strategy to countermand the case. This could include trying to get the case dismissed, work out a plea bargain or take the case to trial.

Negotiate a Plea Bargain

One of the strategies adopted by a criminal defense lawyer could be to negotiate a plea bargain with the DA to either reduce charges or the quantum of the sentence if any.

other valuable tips:

Represent you in Court

The lawyer will represent your case in court if it goes to trial. Using all the experience that they have, criminal defense lawyers will work within the legal nuances to ensure that you win the case.

Negotiate Sentencing Options

In case the case cannot be dismissed and if the client is to be sentenced, a good criminal defense lawyer might propose alternative sentencing options to the prosecutor/judge.

The Bottom Line

The chances of winning a case or getting a favorable plea bargain will improve multifold if you hire a good and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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