Outcomes of a Lawsuit

Outcomes of a Lawsuit
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    When someone is going through a lawsuit either as the plaintiff or as the defendant, there are a few ways a lawsuit can be resolved.


One option is to have the lawsuit dismissed entirely. This happens when the lawsuit doesn’t have any merit and a judge decides to throw it out (or the plaintiff decides to withdraw the suit voluntarily).

If the lawsuit is not dismissed, there are two other ways it might be resolved. It is critical for people to know about these two paths following the filing of any lawsuit.

The Lawsuit Goes Before a Jury Trial

One of the first options is that the lawsuit heads to a courtroom and is presented before a jury. In a jury trial, similar to a criminal case, the jury is presented with the facts by both sides.

For example, in a personal injury case, the plaintiff might explain exactly how the injury was sustained and why the defendant is responsible for the injuries.

In contrast, the defense is going to explain why the plaintiff’s case is simply not valid and the measures that were taken to avoid injuries in the past.

The two sides will each present their arguments to a jury and then the jury will come to a decision.

The Lawsuit Is Settled Out of Court

The other option is that the lawsuit is settled out of court. During this process, each side might hire a litigation support specialist who can help the two sides come to an agreement.

This is often preferable to a jury trial because legal experts are going to have more control over the outcome of the situation. Furthermore, the evidence is often shielded from the view of the public.

Because people like their privacy, this is also an attractive option. On the other hand, the two sides need to come to an agreement. This can sometimes be a challenge and might result in the trial heading to a jury.

Rely on the Services of Trained Legal Professionals

It can be a challenge for people to go through a lawsuit. Some people might not know exactly how the process works or what to do next. In this situation, it is important for people to rely on the services of trained legal professionals who can act as a guide during this process.

Everyone deserves to have access to legal professionals who will advocate on their behalf.

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