New Technologies are Around for Preventing ID Theft

New Technologies are Around for Preventing ID Theft
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    New technologies are out to stop identity theft.

    Smart phones and credit cards can now be linked together, so if they physically too far apart, you can be alerted.


The 20th century gave the world a different set of crimes, which have their roots in technology. ID theft is one such crime. In general, people ignore ID theft, because they feel they can’t lose much even if their ID’s were stolen.

The Risk of ID Theft

But if the ID of the person was stolen and his or her email was used to borrow monies from friends, relatives, and acquaintances, it would not remain a matter to ignore, would it? ID theft can also help the hacker or thief help himself or herself with monies in the person’s bank accounts. In fact, such thefts can happen even with debit cards, and credit cards.

But how careful can you be with your smartphones, computers, debit cards, and credit cards? Like losing keys, kerchiefs, or umbrellas, people do lose their wallets or purses, and that becomes a bonanza for the person who finds it, or even steals it.

Such a person can use the credit cards or debit cards from any automatic teller machine, till the person who has lost the cards realizes and blocks those cards. At times, the amount stolen can be substantial.

For business enterprises, the loss can be substantial, because ID theft can help competitors get crucial information, and even steal any research efforts.

The Solution: New Technology

To counter such problems, developers have come up with a new card that issues warning on smartphone if the distance between the wallet containing the credit cards and cell phone exceeds predefined limits.

Effectively, the person who accidentally drops the wallet would be able to retrace steps before it is too late. In case the wallet cannot be found, there would be enough time to intimate to the credit card companies and banks to block the cards. A card that is carried along with credit cards sends those alerts.

The same card can also block the cell phone if it goes beyond a specified radius from the card. Therefore, a person stealing or finding the cell phone would not be able to use it and will not be able to access data in it either.

What happens if you become a victim of ID theft. There are key steps you need to take:

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The owner of the cell phone would, of course, have to reconfirm that he or she is the owner for getting the lock removed, for which the availability of card is essential.

Similar locking arrangement is also available for online data, especially information on cloud. Unlocking of such information may only be possible when both smartphone and the identity theft prevention card are used in prescribed manner.

Such technologies prevent identity theft along with antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware tools. For now, prevention of ID theft seems to be better than trying to get hold of the person who took advantage of information at his or her disposal. It is easier, and faster, and saves a lot of headache for sure.


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