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Achieving Success

Personal Finance Tips From A Broke Guy (That You Need to Hear) – Part 1/2

The title says it all: I’m no millionaire. I am in fact broke. (Technically not but I’ve been close.) Your first instinct might be to say: why should I listen to this guy? That’s the wrong approach to take.

Career Planning

How to Build a Portfolio in College That Will Lead to a Good Career

Most college students have an end-goal in mind when they enter college. They want a job when college is done.

Small Business

Dental Professional? 4 Ways To Cut Business Costs But Not Quality

The old adage says that you must spend money to make money. However, why spend more money than you can afford and put the future of your dental practice in jeopardy?


A Consumer Proposal as a Means of Curbing Bankruptcy

A consumer proposal is an agreement negotiated with your creditors in the presence of a licensed insolvency trustee serving as an alternative to bankruptcy. It is a legally binding agreement that provides a debtor with immunity from debt collectors and creditors.


Car Loans and Credit: How They Can Affect Each Other

Making a large purchase on credit is a complex event which can affect your finances in many different and sometimes confusing ways.

Consumer Tips

Tips to Plan Better for Funding Small Church Restoration Projects

Churches are the place where we can find true peace in the midst of our busy life. Like any other house, churches are also the dwelling places but of both men and God.

Financial Planning

How to Recover Financially from Your Major Auto Accident

A major auto accident could have a myriad of negative consequences for your future. Those consequences usually mean both short and long-term problems. There is one constant in both though, and it is the financial cloud looming over.

Travel Tips

Continental Voyager: 5 Financial Hacks for Traveling Overseas

In your travels overseas whether for business or leisure, financial planning will be important. Assuming your travel is frugal, like you are on this shoestring budget, it is imperative that you consider some creative financial hacks to help you save money.


Why You Need to Acquire Assets, and Ways of Doing It

Everyone is looking for ways to increase their net worth. And by everyone I mean both people and businesses. We all want to be billionaires, don’t we?


5 Easy and Legit Ways to Make Money Through Info Niche Websites

Does the idea of getting continuous income from websites sound good to you? Well, that’s exactly what info website are all about. Let’s take a closer look at this method of earning income online.

Consumer Financing

How to Get Your Car Financed with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Buying a car while you have a blemished credit history is not an impossible task in 2017. For the most part, the major players of the auto lending industry prefer doing business with individuals whose credit histories are perfect because of what financial analysts call the “low-hanging fruit” effect.

Credit Repair

Why Credit Repair is More Important (and Beneficial) Than You Think

There are different ways that you can go about repairing your credit. Some of them may offer an “easy” way out, but you’ll have to pay the price-in money.

Financial Planning

How To Tackle Long-Term Medical Care The Right Way

The cost of long-term health care often entails considerable financial strain, even for those who have ample insurance coverage and no shortage of monetary resources.

Credit Repair

Why We Should all Understand the Importance of Credit Repair

Sometimes your finances can get pretty hard to manage when trying to pay your bills in between your paydays. If you find yourself juggling your money each month to pay your bills and you are tired of getting no where there are services that can help.

Retirement Planning

Why Taking Control of Your Assets before Retirement is a Good Idea

While it is understandable that you would like to enjoy your retirement as soon as possible, there are some financial considerations that you should prepare for first…