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Achieving Success

Personal Finance Tips From A Broke Guy (That You Need to Hear) – Part 1/2

Tweet Written by a Friend of Mine: See the millionaire might have good ideas that you should know of. But he may never have seen the dark side of debt

Career Planning

How to Build a Portfolio in College That Will Lead to a Good Career

Tweet Most college students have an end-goal in mind when they enter college. They want a job when college is done. Many will go the traditional route—they’ll attend job fairs,

Small Business

Dental Professional? 4 Ways To Cut Business Costs But Not Quality

Tweet When you want to operate a successful, helpful, and profitable office, you may wonder if achieving this goal means having to compromise your cash flow each month. In fact,


A Consumer Proposal as a Means of Curbing Bankruptcy

Tweet What Is A Consumer Proposal? This agreement organizes for partial settlement of the entire unsecured debt owing. Filing for a consumer proposal automatically signs you up for paying part


Car Loans and Credit: How They Can Affect Each Other

Tweet The most important consideration in the entire process is how your credit score will be affected. Here are a few things to consider before going to a dealership and

Consumer Tips

Tips to Plan Better for Funding Small Church Restoration Projects

Tweet Like in any other house where man stays it needs proper care and maintenance to keep it intact, similarly for the purpose of protection and the maintenance of the

Financial Planning

How to Recover Financially from Your Major Auto Accident

Tweet Depending on what kind of insurance you have, who was at fault, possible criminal charges, injury rehab and more, you are going to have your plate full trying to

Travel Tips

Continental Voyager: 5 Financial Hacks for Traveling Overseas

Tweet They will enable you to save a buck here and there. You will greatly improve your experience because you will have more disposable cash to do more, or to


Why You Need to Acquire Assets, and Ways of Doing It

Tweet Different factors determine our net worth. The most important of them all is assets. I am going to tell you everything you need to know about assets and why


5 Easy and Legit Ways to Make Money Through Info Niche Websites

Tweet The concept is quite simple. Do some research, then find some tight niches that are not well serviced at the moment, build an info website targeting that particular niche,

Consumer Financing

How to Get Your Car Financed with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Tweet What this means is that big banks and major auto loan providers are more interested in making Wall Street investors happy than helping prospective buyers with less than perfect

Credit Repair

Why Credit Repair is More Important (and Beneficial) Than You Think

Tweet Or some people will tackle credit repair by filing bankruptcy, which defeats the purpose and will hold you back from having a clean credit report for 10 years. Are

Financial Planning

How To Tackle Long-Term Medical Care The Right Way

Tweet Certain efforts, such as staying fit and active in an effort to decrease the risk of specific illnesses or chronic medical conditions as well as working closely with a

Credit Repair

Why We Should all Understand the Importance of Credit Repair

Tweet Sometimes your finances can get pretty hard to manage when trying to pay your bills in between your paydays. If you find yourself juggling your money each month to

Retirement Planning

Why Taking Control of Your Assets before Retirement is a Good Idea

Tweet As you near your retirement age, you may be feeling that you just can’t wait to sit back and relax after all the years of having to work hard.