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Consumer Tips

Learning to Negotiate at Every Opportunity

Tweet While many individuals don’t like the idea of confrontation, the fact of the matter is it can be a good thing. Most people aren’t comfortable with something as simple

Career Planning

All You Wanted to Know About Making a Career in Bio-Telemetry

Tweet Effective and efficient patient monitoring is critical to successful outcomes in the medical sector. Conventionally, patients were required to be attended by nurses and doctors physically thus posing a

Debt Management

7 Mistakes That Could Quickly Put You Into Debt

Tweet When it comes to getting out of debt, there are a few common mistakes that people make. From missing payments to using credit cards excessively, these mistakes could be


How to Bring Out the Investor in You

Tweet If money grows naturally, there would be less hassle in the world. I would probably not have to write this article. Well, money does not grow on trees, but

Home Improvement

Energy-Efficient Windows as a Money Saver

Tweet There are at least two good reasons why energy-efficient windows are a smart move that everyone should look into – they simultaneously save our planet and your wallet. With

Credit Cards

Boost Your Finances With Cash-Back Credit Cards

Tweet Some personal finance gurus suggest that you should cut up your credit cards, and use cash for every purchase. Unfortunately, people who follow this advice are leaving cash on

Money News

Four Things You’re Overpaying For, And How You Can Save

Tweet No one wants to pay more than they have to for anything, but it’s difficult to know where you can cut corners. The good news is that you can

Business Services

Increasing Your Customer Loyalty With An Excellent Social Media Presence

Tweet Check out the Donald Burns twitter page, and you will soon discover a modern entrepreneur who has truly mastered the art of maintaining and increasing customer loyalty thanks to

Consumer Tips

Don’t Overspend On Gifts: How You Can Still Give A Good Gift Without Breaking The Bank

Tweet Nothing is worse than staring at a low account balance online when you know you need to buy a gift for someone special. Although you might be tempted to

Travel Tips

Traveling – Tipping The Finances In Your Favor

Tweet Not to state the obvious, but traveling abroad is an experience in itself. And the most important thing that you need when you travel, anywhere for that matter, is

Consumer Tips

6 Super Tactics to Solve Big Problems Perfectly

Tweet It is a known fact that every teenager has to encounter numbers of problems while studying a college and university. You will be surprised to know that there are

Mobile Devices

A Guide to Mobile Money Transfers

Tweet Nearly 90 percent of the world’s population are cell phone owners. Despite the fact that most of these are feature phones, they support a service called mobile money transfer.

Consumer Tips

Hints on Creating a Productive Study Environment

Tweet Spending too much time at one place gets mundane really fast, especially if you are supposed to be productive and creative. For those stuck behind a desk for ten

Business Services

Office Cubicles Don’t Deserve Bad Reputation

Tweet In theory, the idea of having an open and airy office environment can seem appealing. But in practice, workers who don’t have a defined space may actually struggle to

Debt Management

The Best Ways To Stay Financially Afloat When You Are Faced With Expensive Medical Bills

Tweet If you have been seriously injured or have become very ill, you may have mounting medical bills. Everything from surgeries to lab tests, therapy and more can cost a