Don’t Overspend On Gifts: How You Can Still Give A Good Gift Without Breaking The Bank

Don’t Overspend On Gifts: How You Can Still Give A Good Gift Without Breaking The Bank
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    Nothing is worse than staring at a low account balance online when you know you need to buy a gift for someone special.


Although you might be tempted to issue an “I Owe You” or create a coupon book, you might actually be able to afford a fantastic gift. Here are four ways to give a nice present without breaking the bank, so that you don’t leave anyone feeling slighted:

1: Pay Attention

If you have a little time before that gift is due, start paying close attention to the person who will be receiving it. Keep notes in your cell phone anytime your subject mentions that they want or need something. For example, if your best friend complains about their frizzy hair, you might be able to give them a bottle of anti-frizz oil to smooth things out. Since it’s the thought that counts, a little attention on your part might be worth its weight in gold.

2: Make A Gift Basket

First impressions count, even when you give a gift. If your present looks physically large and bulky, it will seem like you spent a lot more money than you did. To make your gift look impressive, consider making a gift basket and bolstering the size with large, yet economical, side presents. For example, your main gift might be a simple $20 gift card to the mall, but your side presents might include chocolate covered pretzels, a few boxes of candy, and a fun magazine.

3: Shop The Clearance Section and Go Online

Buying a brand-name gift will make your present seem a lot more expensive, which is why it might be worth it to stop by the clearance section of your favorite high-end store. Ask a cashier about in-store and online coupons, which might save you even more money. While high-quality watches can be expensive, if you find World of Watches coupon codes you, can afford to give your best friend the one he’s always wanted. Using online coupon codes can save you the hassle from going to multiple stores while finding the best deals.

4: Don’t Buy Cards or Wrapping Paper

Instead of footing the bill for expensive wrapping paper and a high-end card, consider making both items on your own. Use paper goods like newspaper, brown grocery sacks, or even extra sewing fabric for wrapping paper. Instead of buying a card, write a meaningful letter on a regular piece of paper. Chances are that your friend will remember your gift, and you will save a lot of money on something that might just get thrown away.

To make your gift even more special, deliver that item when your family member or friend is least expecting it. By surprising someone at work or school, you might be able to brighten their day.


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