Increasing Your Customer Loyalty With An Excellent Social Media Presence

Increasing Your Customer Loyalty With An Excellent Social Media Presence
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    Discover how a modern entrepreneur who has truly mastered the art of maintaining and increasing customer loyalty.


Check out the Donald Burns twitter page, and you will soon discover a modern entrepreneur who has truly mastered the art of maintaining and increasing customer loyalty thanks to a first class understanding of how to utilize social media. In the age of the Internet, many a formerly hegemonic company has crashed down the tubes due to their inability to catch the “vibe” of social media and the whole new audience of users and consumers that this amazing new phenomenon has created. It’s up to you not to make that same tragic mistake.

You’ll Need To Get Up To Speed On How To Use Social Media

If you are in the process of launching a new business, you will need to get up to speed on how to make the maximum use of social media. You will need to learn how to craft top notch advertising campaigns that are jam packed with viral content that will capture the attention of a global customer base that now numbers in the hundreds of millions. This isn’t the old days when you could simply open a physical “brick and mortar” location and rely on newspaper and TV advertising to draw in a customer base that was purely local. Today, the power of social media can multiply your influence by an exponential margin.

The Power Of The Internet Can Make Or Break Your Business

However, the power of the Internet carries with it a dark side. The influence of social media is very much a double edged sword that can make or break your business with equal aplomb, and with the same dispassionate gesture. One false move, one controversial or insensitive post from one of your “media handlers”, can totally destroy in seconds the carefully cultivated image that you have spent several months or several years manufacturing. In the old days, such a statement could be retracted in the papers, and quickly forgotten about. In the 21st century, nothing is ever truly forgotten or gone.

How To Craft A Survival Strategy In Order To Appease Your Paying Customers

In order to survive the constant ebb and flow of public opinion and successfully navigate these occasionally bloody waters, you will need to craft a strategy that will enable you to appease your paying customers by presenting them with the “human” face of your business. Transparency and openness are the order of the day. You will need to learn to use all of the available resources at your disposal, such as your own official company website, your personal and company blogs, and all of the available social media channels in order to cultivate and maintain a carefully cultivated public image.

Mastering Your Public Image Means Increasing Your Chances Of Survival

In the long run, the art of attaining full control of your public image translates to a corresponding increase in your chances of surviving to become a world renowned institution in your field. More than ever, perception is reality. If your public feels that you are an open and trustworthy individual, they will be willing to forgive you all but the most grievous sins. Keep in mind that social media is a dangerous tool, but always be willing to make the utmost use of it in order to further your aims.


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