Hints on Creating a Productive Study Environment

Hints on Creating a Productive Study Environment
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    Spending too much time at one place gets mundane really fast, especially if you are supposed to be productive and creative.

    For those stuck behind a desk for ten hours, work becomes a problem rather than enjoyment.


The same goes for students who study at home – the proximity of TV, the Internet and your smartphone is sometimes too distracting. Due to this, many students choose public libraries, coffee shops or a friend’s house for studying. If you are one of these, here is how you can create a more productive study environment that will inspire you.

Bring in the Lights

Having a well-lit desk is a must when it comes to studying – doing so under candlelight is neither productive nor healthy. Good lighting will boost your productivity, creativity and inspiration. While there is not much you can do regarding lights in a library – they are usually distributed across the ceiling and cannot be altered – you can optimize them at your home.

When doing this, make sure your lights are distributed evenly, not aimed directly at you and not too intense. “As some rooms are naturally darker than the others”, say the people who own and operate Ztwolights, “an additional source, such as a good wall lamp or even one of those smaller, contemporary chandeliers, is needed, as long as they do not shine directly into your eyes.”

A Room with a View

Studying in a small room is like being stuck in a solitary confinement and does not feel pleasant at all. That is why it is important to use your windows as much as possible. Even when they are not big, the view you have can be inspirational and helpful – especially if it is accompanied with a window seat ideal for studying.

The easiest way to achieve a good view is to change the position of your desk so that it faces the window. As long as you are looking into an open space, tedious hours spent studying will pass unnoticed.


Like mentioned before, TV, the Internet and smartphones will surely distract you from time to time and the problem is not how often you check whether you have received a new e-mail but how much time you spend “checking” it. In order to avoid being tempted, you should figure out how to banish these devices from your designated study space.

The best and most effective idea is to simply remove all potential distractions from your immediate surroundings. This means not only the phone, as most likely probably the biggest distraction of them all, but your computer, toys and all the books you do not need as well.


Messy rooms have too much clutter and too much clutter often attracts too much unwanted attention. Moreover, having trash around you negatively affects your concentration and it is not easy to focus on complicated things when there are pieces of paper, clothes and trash everywhere around you.

That is why many people like keeping their rooms clean and neat as a way to improve their concentration. Cleaning your room can be done in several steps and the vital part is separating things you need from the ones you do not. As soon as you do this, you will feel liberated and ready to keep on studying.

Proper Seat and Atmosphere

With back pains troubling more and more young people and affecting their lives and health, choosing a proper chair is essential. Following the principles of ergonomics, you too can find a perfect model, adjusted to a proper height and able to bear your weight for several hours at a time. Finally, after you have completed all previous steps, put on some soothing music and get on with your studying!


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