Energy-Efficient Windows as a Money Saver

Energy-Efficient Windows as a Money Saver
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    There are at least two good reasons why energy-efficient windows are a smart move that everyone should look into – they simultaneously save our planet and your wallet.


With the green initiative becoming more vocal in the past decades, the need for ecological friendliness and environmental awareness must not be overlooked. It is up to each individual to do what they can and installing energy-efficient windows is one of the best things out there. When considering a long-term projection, they can save you quite a lot of money and pay off in only a couple of years. Here are some additional pieces of information on them.

The Perks

As mentioned before, the benefits of double-glazed windows are twofold. When it comes to saving your budget, these solutions can make about a 10% reduction to your energy bill, which means that a considerable amount of money stays in your wallet every single month. This means that you can easily save up to a couple hundred dollars annually. But this certainly is not the only perk of energy-efficient windows. They also reduce the emission of carbons and decrease heat losses and thus contribute to environmental protection and lead to a healthier home. Finally, they are a great insulator against outside noise, which is especially important if you live in a loud neighborhood.

The Philosophy behind Energy-Efficient Windows

As their name suggest, double-glazing windows are comprised of two sheets of glass instead of just one and, additionally, there is a space between them that creates an extra layer of insulation. This gap is usually 15-20mm thick and empty, i.e. filled with nothing but air, even though it can be modified according to ones personal needs and filled with various gases, for example.

In a recent chat with the people who own and operate Magnetite, I found out that the quality of these windows is measured by three factors: heat loss, sunlight and air leak. There are several categories – the scale ranks them A to G – and they differ based on the amount of heat they prevent from leaving the indoor area, the amount of sunlight they let in and, finally, how much air leakage there is.

The Choices

When speaking of the choices available on the market, the experts most often suggest the one that does a great job from the outside and inside as well. This double-glazing window includes low-emission glass and metal oxide coating on the inner panel. That way, your windows will let a sufficient amount of light into your rooms and still not let too much heat out. Furthermore, if you want to go a step further, make sure your windows are filled with argon for additional efficiency.

Of course, you have to think of the frames as well, since they have a significant role in the overall efficiency factor. Since traditional wooden frames tend to be outdated and not good enough, you should definitely consider either uPVC frames or aluminum frames. They are easy to install and maintain – plus, they can be recycled and are more durable than wooden.

Take the First Step

Yes, installing double-glazing energy-efficient windows does sound like a problem at first, especially since you have to invest a considerable amount of money at once. However, these windows are more durable than most people acknowledge and can be used for decades to come – not to mention all the money they will save on your energy bill every month. Therefore, they are a solid investment and a lasting solution that ensures a number of benefits.


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