Office Cubicles Don’t Deserve Bad Reputation

Office Cubicles Don’t Deserve Bad Reputation
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    In theory, the idea of having an open and airy office environment can seem appealing.

    But in practice, workers who don't have a defined space may actually struggle to be productive.


It turns out that office cubicles have gotten a bad rap when for some companies they make a lot of sense. Here are some ways that a partitioned office could help your business.

Cut Down on Distractions

It’s unlikely a business owner will ever be able to completely eliminate distractions for employees, but they can be reduced. Many of today’s employees are experts at multitasking, so may be able to function fairly well in an open plan office. However, office walls are completely customizable and can help cut down on additional noise, conversations, or even music another worker might be playing. By having barriers between each employee, they will be able to stay focused on the task at hand without distraction.  

Privacy, Please

Even employees who don’t work with sensitive information can appreciate the privacy wall partitions at the office may provide them. They might need to have a tricky discussion with a co-worker, or perhaps they are on a team that’s competing against another group in the office.  

Personal Space

In addition to the privacy and freedom from distractions that office partitions can provide, employees also may benefit from having their own personal real estate in the business environment. They can configure their workspace to their liking and decorate their walls in a way that’s comforting to them. Having control of their desk area, from lighting to temperature to layout, can go a long way in increasing workers’ productivity on a daily basis. They might even be more likely to stick around for the long term.

Other Considerations

There are few additional reasons walls in an open office setting can benefit everyone. Also consider these factors.

  • Spread of illness: The rate at which people are calling in sick may decrease thanks to germ barriers.
  • Sound absorption: Padded surfaces in the room absorb extra noise.
  • Group creation: Teams that work together on projects can be joined within a walled space, creating a more cohesive environment.

There are plenty of logical reasons office partitions can boost creativity and worker satisfaction. Despite the trend toward open spaces, there really is something to be said for defined desk areas when it comes to privacy, productivity, and employee control.


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