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Retirement Planning

Smart Retirement Planning: Is an Annuity for You?

Annuities are not for everyone, and it’s evident of money uninformed investors lose by withdrawing funds too early.

Retirement Planning

Investment Plan for Retirement – How to Choose Your Plan

Are you currently employed? Do you have a retirement plan? If not, how do you expect to survive? These are questions you should ask yourself immediately you get your first job.

Retirement Planning

5 Tips for Successful Retirement Financial Planning

As it is today, we live in a culture that believes in living in the moment. We often fail to recognize the need for planning for the future. We all desire to live the American dream.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planner – The Amazingly Simple 5Ws (and 1H) Formula for Retirement Planning

The 5Ws (and 1H) is a simple information-gathering concept used in journalism, research, and even police investigations! It is a useful formula for getting the “full” story on something, even your retirement!

Retirement Planning

5 Disastrous Retirement Planning Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

A lot of people would rather avoid thinking about retirement. Most people feel unprepared, overwhelmed and overly anxious just by thinking about retirement.


4 Pertinent Questions that You Should Ask Yourself to Select a Great Retirement Plan

The majority of the Americans are worried about how much money they will have when they reach retirement. You may have a high income now but your present savings will not last long if you do not have a robust retirement plan in place.

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Quick Checklist:     Four Situations that Can put your Pocketbook at Risk

No matter how secure you believe your finances might be, there are major risks around every corner. In some states, over 250,000 bankruptcies are being filed every year due to issues ranging from medical bills to credit card debt.

Retirement Planning

Planning for Self-Employed Retirement Through IRAs

Self-employed individuals are gradually rising in number. While they have their hands full with managing and running a successful business, the thought of saving for retirement doesn’t cross their mind. Looking into different IRAs such as Roth IRA or SEP IRA is a must before it’s too late.

Retirement Planning

Quick Checklist:     Great Ways to Prepare for Your Retirement

How you save is as equally essential as how much money you can save. Factors such as inflation and the kind of investments you make play a vital role in determining the amount of money you will have saved at the time you retire.


The Investment Landscape: Where We Are, And Where We Want To Go

Less than 30% of people 30 years old and younger are putting their money in stocks. Having grown up in the shadow of the Great Recession, and seeing first-hand the repercussions of the dot-com bust of the early 2000s and the fiscal crisis of 2008-2009 …

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning: How to Save for Retired Life

Whether you’ll be retiring soon or you’ve got years before you’re no longer working, it’s important to know how to save for retirement.

Retirement Planning

How to Start Retirement Planning After Making Your First Pay

The thought of spending more hours thinking about how to make two ends meet is scary indeed. But retirement need not be so terrifying. Here are a few simple steps that have been followed by those who are not homeless.

Retirement Planning

Planning for a Better Life After Retirement? Start Now

Retirement is a time when an individual stops employment completely. However, semi-retirement (reducing work hours) is still an option.

Retirement Planning

Surviving When You Have No Retirement Savings

Many retirees have some kind of savings that were accumulated over the years; but for low income workers, they may retire with little or no savings, leaving them to rely mainly on Social Security benefits and financial help from loved ones.

Retirement Planning

Where do You Go Wrong in Retirement Planning?

You were told to start saving early in your life for retirement, and you did. But now in your mid-thirties, you feel you should have saved more, and spent less on clothes, movies and eating out.