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Broken Bones: What to Do When Insurance Isn’t Enough to Cover Your Medical Bills

Tweet Do you know what other options you have and are able to afford? Should you find yourself both unable to pay your medical bills and unable to return to

Consumer Tips

3 Ways To Prepare Financially For A Day In Court

Tweet As such, almost everyone who has to deal with the court system will deal with a series of fines and payments, even if only to their own attorneys. If


What Personal Skills Do Teens Need to Start Saving for College?

Tweet Consider these skills that will help your teen to put some of his or her own money into a college savings fund. Practice Handling Small Amounts of Money If

Consumer Tips

Simple Guidelines for Finding the Right Self-Storage Facility

Tweet All these questions feel so relatable. Well, this is because the importance of storage facilities is greatly downplayed. A storage facility is more than just a place to store

Health Tips

Knowing Your Eye Care Professionals: A Look at Optometrists

Tweet What’s an Optometrist? According to the American Optometric Association, an optometrist is a primary health care professional trained to examine, diagnose, and treat eye conditions, as well as manage

The Game of Life

4 Unexpected Dangers To Pay Attention To When Home Shopping

Tweet Common sense can save you from many of these hazards, but some dangers fly under the radar when you’re making a purchase from a store online. Below are four

Debt Management

How Future College Students can Deal with Debt: 5 Methods

Tweet Any college graduate will agree that getting a good education is expensive. College isn’t cheap, and debt can be an intimidating factor for students deciding if and where to


4 Important Tips to Consider When Availing a Loan Against Property

Tweet If you are availing a loan for buying a real estate property, you would have to provide a mortgage against the funds that you are borrowing. The amount of

Home Buying

Property Conveyancing: Perfect Property Solutions!

Tweet No fraud can be done while you get a property named. So, this process helps to legally proof the property belongs to an individual and no other person can

Retirement Planning

4 Less Strenuous Ways of Saving Money for Your Retirement

Tweet You can still cut your spending without decreasing the quality of life. In this article, I will walk you through an all-inclusive guide to help you make informed saving

Home Improvement

Cheap Changes: How to Spruce up Your Home on the Cheap

Tweet Fortunately, there are some easy steps that you can take to improve the look of your home without having to spend a lot of money. Many of these projects


Five Financial Habits You Need to Master Before 30! (Part 1)

Tweet People buy takeout more often than they make food, they constantly replace things that aren’t broken – they just want something new – and they forget that they’re playing

Small Business

How to Grow Your Business in the Least Stressful Way Possible

Tweet Succeeding with a start-up or with your own business is an incredible achievement, and one that takes an immense amount of hard work, sleepless nights, and stress. So, now


5 Tips for Coming Up with a Budget for Home Decor

Tweet It’s easier to budget if you do one room at a time, but that only prolongs the experience and doesn’t really solve the problem. It often results in going