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Career Education

10 Key e-Learning Trends for 2016

Tweet E-learning has slowly moved onto the educational scene over the last decade. With the growth of the internet, it has become possible for students to learn in new and

Home Tips

Financial Risks of Owning Rental Property

Tweet Like any investment, rental property ownership has inherent risks besides potential benefits. While risk of economic loss is an inescapable factor, the key to sustain overall profitability is maximized

Mobile Devices

A Cursory look at Great iPhone Apps: Part 4

Tweet The photo booth app This app has a lot to offer you when it comes to the editing of photos or images as the case may be. The “filterstorm

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Mar 27: What About Your Credit Card

Tweet With credit being the tightest anyone has seen in years, your chances of securing new credit has been greatly reduced unless you agree to unfavorable financing terms including a

Mobile Devices

A Cursory look at the Greatest iPhone Apps: Part 3

Tweet Here we will discuss 2 more great iPhone picture apps. The different photo combination app This app is designed to help you create different styles and pictures of a

Reduce Bills

Water Bill: Too Much Money Going Down the Drain

Tweet On the other hand, and more likely, there is an issue somewhere in your plumbing system that causes the loss of water. Regardless of the severity of the problem,

Mobile Devices

A Cursory look at the Greatest iPhone Apps: Part 2

Tweet The Snap and Share App This is another app that you will definitely love to have on your iPhone because it will help you share pictures that are lovely

Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Four Situations that Can put your Pocketbook at Risk

Tweet Here is a look at four common pitfalls that can put your finances at risk and some steps you can take to avoid them. An Auto Accident Even the

Career Development

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Career Plan Fails

Tweet Top 5 Devastating Reasons Why Your Career Plan Fails, And How To Beat Them! Career planning involves the concepts of Strategic planning and Marketing so you can take charge

Book Reviews

Michael Sandel’s ‘What Money Can’t Buy’: Book Review

Tweet You may have heard of Michael Sandel. In 2011, this renowned Harvard Philosopher broadcast a TV series called ‘Justice with Michael Sandel’ which featured him gulping coffee and pacing

College Planning

4 Things Every Student Needs to Know Before Going to Graduate School

Tweet Whether you are thinking of going to grad school right after getting your bachelor’s degree, or after years in the workforce there are a few things that you should

Mobile Devices

A Cursory look at the Greatest iPhone Apps: Part 1

Tweet The Best iPhone Apps Being a new iPhone user can make you get confused on the apps that are suitable for your iPhone because there are lots of apps

Career Planning

Exciting Careers To Consider For The Sports Enthusiast

Tweet Some are interesting because of their scientific nature, others revolve around inspiration and motivation, and still others are exciting due to the simple way they urge individuals to be

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Mar 13: Checking Your Credit Often

Tweet What You Should Do? CHECK YOUR CREDIT OFTEN — before any application is approved, it is run against your credit report. Having credit monitoring or other credit detection services