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Achieving Success

Why Your Financial Independence is in Your Hands

Tweet The journey towards financial independence, freedom, or whatever you choose to call it is never that difficult – but it is not that easy either. It requires discipline, sacrifice,

Financial Planning

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Personal Finance!

Tweet Luckily, this article will satisfy your curiosity towards any questions about finance that you might have. 1. Investing For Finance Investing in the stock market is a high risk

Consumer Financing

What Defines Good Personal Finance?

Tweet Personal finance is a delicate balancing act where one should control his or her spending rates as we mostly deal with investing and saving. Knowledge in personal finance is

Financial Planning

How to Manage Your Personal Finances in Your 20s

Tweet Having money isn’t everything, not having it is. Being in your twenties can be really tough; whether its getting your money organized for the first time, the following are

Product Reviews

Personal Finance Software – Evaluation Of The Most Popular Personal Finance Software

Tweet The following are the four best personal finance software today… 1. Quicken Quicken is a very well known finance management software. Quicken has been in this line of business

Achieving Success

It is Your Responsibility to Take Charge of Your Finances

Tweet When we blame others, we are under a strange spell that makes us believe that someone else should do something for us in order to fix whatever challenges we

Financial Planning

7 Difficult Personal Finance Decisions That You May Have to Make

Finances can be one of the most difficult areas to work through when life seriously challenges you. You might have to make some tough choices that are uncomfortable but will be of the most benefit to you in your individual circumstances.


19 Ways to Make Your Money Last Longer

Tweet Did you get a raise this year? Congratulations — too many people are sitting on wage freezes or have had their hours cut back. When money is tight, finding

Credit Management

Credit Management Problems and Solutions

Tweet Good credit management means that you are controlling your finances, by limiting your debt and through making your payments on time. The importance of credit management cannot be emphasized

Money Management

12 Sensible and Fun Money-Saving Tips

Tweet Trying to save money is a drag, isn’t it? Well, it is a necessary matter for most Americans, who are feeling the squeeze from stagnant incomes, falling home values


5 Tips for Reining in the Family Budget

Tweet Saving money and cutting expenses. Your family budget is in crisis and there is only one thing you can do: find ways to rein in your costs. Let’s take

Consumer Tips

Your Personal Budget and How to Create One

Tweet Relying on credit cards as a back up is a recipe for disaster, therefore creating a personal budget is an essential step in managing your finances. The word “budget”

Credit Cards Debt Management Money News

Debit Card Usage Increases, Credit Card Usage Decreases

Tweet Consumer, media and market research firm Mintel recently confirmed what some analysts have been suspecting: America’s love affair with credit cards is on the decline. Instead, consumers are being

Home Financing Money Management

Pre-approved Beats Pre-qualified Every Time!

Tweet If you are looking to buy a home there are three different ways that you can show the seller you are ready to buy. Unfortunately, two of those are