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Autos Express

How to Save Money Toward Your Next Car

The car you are currently driving will not last forever. Unless you’re a mechanic and spend much time tinkering with it. For the rest of us, buying a new or good-condition used car every so often is the way to go.

Business Services

Employee Rewards Increase Productivity

Employee bonus programs have become controversial over the last couple of years. Proponents of bonuses believe that monetary rewards increase an employee’s productivity and performance; people who don’t like bonus schemes feel that they are a waste of an organization’s money.

Financial Planning

7 Difficult Personal Finance Decisions That You May Have to Make

Finances can be one of the most difficult areas to work through when life seriously challenges you. You might have to make some tough choices that are uncomfortable but will be of the most benefit to you in your individual circumstances.

Home Financing

First Mortgage? Get Started Right With These Tips

Purchasing a home is the biggest investment that most people will ever make. In order to buy a home, the vast majority of buyers will need to take out a mortgage.

Debt Management

How Debt Settlement Can Help You

Debt settlement is a great option for many individuals and families that would otherwise have to go through bankruptcy. When it comes to debt settlement vs bankruptcy, most people would certainly choose a settlement option.

Small Business

7 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Making Money

Your business is struggling and it continues to struggle with not enough money coming in each week or month to pay your bills. Stay on that path long enough and you’ll soon find your business will have to shut down.


Financial Planning: Four Tips When Choosing Dental Insurance

Dental care is extremely important to overall health, but also an aspect that gets overlooked since it is not covered by regular health insurance. Extra dental insurance is important to reduce costs of expensive dental procedures and make sure you keep up with dental health.

Home Selling

11 Improvement Tips to Ready Your Home for Sale

If you’re about ready to sell your home, you’re likely familiar with the usual tips to stage your home for potential buyers. Things like removing clutter, improving the home’s frontal appearance, and fixing broken light fixtures are a given.

Business Management

3 Ways to Prevent Your Company from Committing Tax Fraud

Most businesses are started by people like Bill Gates CEO of Microsoft or Frank Vandersloot CEO of Melaleuca who are ambitious and enthusiastic about what their new business will make, sell, buy, or fix.

Home Selling

How to Sell Your Home by Owner

You’ve decided to sell your home. Instead of working with a real estate agent, you plan to sell it on your own. Done right, you stand to save as much as 5 to 6 percent in broker fees, a significant chunk of money no matter the cost of your home.

Money News

How to Obtain Wealth: Create a Service and a Successful By-Product

Creating a business that can sustain itself over the long term requires the creation of a product or service that people will continue to reinvest in over the long term.

Tax Tips

Tax Time: Under the Deadline

Your taxes are done and filed, right? Oh, if only that were true!

Home Buying

How Your Neighborhood Impacts Your Home’s Value

In real estate, location is one of the most important factors in determining the market price of a home. Natural landmarks and man-made structures can have a tremendous impact on a property’s value.

Travel Tips

Beach Rental Vacation Deals and How to Get Them

Unless you plan your vacation a year in advance, your chances of finding a beach rental vacation deal are slim at popular destinations. Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Coronado Central Beach, and Hawaii’s Kauna’oa Bay are among the most popular beaches in the country, with demand far outstripping availability, thereby inflating vacation rental prices tremendously.


The Six Best Ways To Save Money On Your Living Expenses

It may seem like you are spending your salary quicker than you make it. While you not feel you are living a lavish lifestyle or overspending, it may seem that your bank account is draining quicker than you would like.