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Tax Tips

Tax Time: Under the Deadline

Your taxes are done and filed, right? Oh, if only that were true!

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5 Year End Tax Tips for Smart Taxpayers

Your mind is on Christmas and that is perfect place of reflection at this time of the year. But you must be careful not to forget that New Year’s Day will loom soon after and the tax implications associated with it.

Small Business

Your Year End Business Check Up

With just weeks left in the year, businesses will soon close the books on another business year. But before the calendar flips over, you’ll want to ensure that several matters including tax issues are addressed well before then.

Consumer Tips

Obamacare by the Numbers

American citizens that plan to sign up for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can do so now.

Autos Express

How to Claim the Business Use of Your Personal Car

Your boss has you using your personal vehicle to meet with clients, an occasional requirement that has you wondering how you will recoup your costs. If you are fortunate, your company pays your expenses, but if you work for a small company, you may have to eat those costs yourself.

Tax Tips

Common Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed

Tweet While self-employment offers certain advantages, it also means that such individuals handle a variety of tasks including querying for new work, handling the administrative side of the business plus

Small Business

5 Tax Tips for Small Business Operators

Tweet Uncertainty is also playing in as tax rates rise and your profit line shrinks. Still, if you are a small business and keep your personal records separate, you can

Tax Tips

4 Tax Preparation Secrets Revealed

Tweet One in an occasional series of articles about your taxes. Come February, that begins to change with 1099 forms in hand and the realization that there is much work

Tax Tips

Tax Tips for Job Seekers

Tweet Some expenses are minor, such as postage paid for sending off a resume. Other expenses are much more significant including relocating to a new city at your own expense

Tax Tips

Tax Breaks and Your Car

Tweet Business and personal use tax deductions are available. Let’s take a look at how you can make IRS regulations work for you this tax year for your personal vehicle:

Tax Tips

6 Ways Kids Help Reduce Your Taxes

Tweet Putting a financial figure on children doesn’t seem right, but many people do just that. In an effort to show you that children are a manifold blessing from God,

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Mortgage Rates Hit Highest Level In 2 Months

Tweet Mortgage rates are on the rise with Bankrate.com reporting that rates have reached the highest levels seen in the past two months. This news, however, shouldn’t cause consumers to