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Consumer Tips

How to Help Others Without Losing Your Own Footing

Tweet A desire to help others is a part of the American character and runs the gamut of providing a shoulder to cry on, lending a helping hand, gifting a

Consumer Tips

How to Save Money This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is often treated as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, with many stores now opening in the evening for what was traditionally a day off for workers.

Debt Management

Settling With Debt

The social climate of today is one of economic strife and duress. The common man is faced surmounting debts after the economy collapsed under the fall of the housing markets in 2008.


How Payday Loans Work

Tweet Consumers in need of quick cash may find that their borrowing options are limited if available at all. In recent years payday loans have provided funding for cash-strapped consumers,

Small Business

Smart Incentives for Healthy Companies

The key to employee morale lies in part with compensation. Pay your people what they are worth and you will have a satisfied workplace.

Consumer Tips

How to Save Big Money on Christmas Shopping

You may know all the tricks for saving money while Christmas shopping including hitting stores on Black Friday, shopping on Cyber Monday, and keeping an eye on newspaper and postal service circulars.

Consumer Tips

4 Tax Preparer Tips and Warnings

If your tax preparer makes a mistake on your return he’ll have your back covered, right? Well, he may represent you when audited by the IRS, but if you are fined for his mistake, then that cost is shouldered by you and you alone.

Money Management

Current Accounts – 5 Tips To Be Financially Savvy!

Finding a Current Account that suits you can be a challenge. We all have different spending habits and needs so individually there is a choice to make that will bring either benefits or problems.

Business Management

Why Paying a Salary Is a Sensible Approach

Employee compensation includes pay, money that is offered by hourly wage or through a salary. Many companies use both pay methods, providing hourly compensation for most workers and a fixed salary for managers and certain exempt employees.

Consumer Tips

7 Environmental Tips For Reducing Waste

All that clutter around your home manifests itself when you place your trash bin at the curb. Chances are your bin goes out full every pick up and you may wonder if there is a better way. Well, there is.

Consumer Tips

Sunday Morning Tip: Real Money, Virtual Wallets

Tweet While only about 1 in 3 Americans even keeps a household budget, times may be changing as new tools make it easier than ever to keep track of income,

Business Services

Reliable Sources for Small Business Loans

Managing a small business means keeping a careful eye on your cash flow. In an ideal world, you would get paid when the money is due to arrive, but we all know that consistent and timely payments cannot always be expected or depended on.

Small Business

How to Determine an Employee’s Salary

If you are planning to hire a new employee, especially one for a newly created position, determining salary can be one of your biggest challenges.

The Game of Life

What Every Home First Aid Kit Should Include

If you are assembling a home first aid kit, you do not have to include the surgical tools that your doctor would want personally. Leave the contour scalp retractor, the fingertip pulse oximeter and the bone holding forceps to the professionals.

Small Business

Interview Techniques for Savvy Human Resources Professionals

Human Resources professionals have their work cut out for them especially when a critical new hire has to be found, vetted and hired.