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How To Start Saving For Your Child’s College Fund

It is said there are two things that one cannot start saving for early enough; retirement and a college education.

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Business Casual and Your Company’s Image

Casual Fridays began in the 1980s, a non-compensation perk that allowed employees to dress down once per week. It was initiated during a deep recession when businesses were looking for ways to boost morale, given that pay increases were limited or frozen.

Small Business

Employee Mentoring and Your Small Business

Your small business may not have the resources to provide new employees with two-week paid training outside of the workplace, but you may have an available tool that can be just as effective: employee mentoring.

Small Business

Interviewing Tips for Screening Job Applicants

Available and publicized job openings mean the receipt of multiple applications, sometimes numbering in the hundreds for just one position. Human Resources departments are often strained under the weight of the responses, but careful consideration must be made to ensure that competitive candidates are not overlooked.

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Mobile Phone Insurance: How It Works

You are talking on your cell phone when you turn and notice that your three-year-old has decided to take a bath in the dog dish. Panicking, you slam down your gadget and in doing so its slides off the table and crashes to the floor.

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New Talent Considerations and Your Small Business

Money and advertising are two of the largest concerns for emerging businesses, but recruiting, hiring, training and managing new employees can be the most difficult area of all.

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Can You Pay Off Debt Without Money?

If you have a mountain of debt, you know that it may take years if not the better part of a decade to get out of debt.

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Is the Check in the Mail? How to Never Miss a Rebate

Is it worth your time and trouble to apply for a rebate? Do you really want to take time from your busy day to fill out forms, cut out UPC codes and round up receipts, knowing full well that six or eight weeks from now, you might still be waiting for your mail carrier to bring you a small check?

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Obamacare by the Numbers

American citizens that plan to sign up for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can do so now.

Credit Cards

Are Credit Cards with Chips Safer Than Cards with Magnetic Strips?

When it comes to battling credit card fraud, financial institutions have come a long way in terms of protecting their consumer’s welfare.