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Consumer Financing

What You Need to Know About Credit This Christmas

Christmas is certainly a most joyful time of the year, with the advent season providing weeks of enjoyment before the big day arrives. And on through New Year’s Day the merriment continues until early in Jan. when the first of your credit card bills arrive.

Consumer Tips

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Bargains

Black Friday is one of the most hyped marketing events of the year. The day used to represent when retailers began to make a profit for the year, with General Ledgers (G/L) going from red (representing a loss) to black (a profit) on that day.

Business Management

The Pros and Cons of Being a Businessman

Perhaps most of us can remember our early aspirations about what we wanted to do when we grew up. For some, it may have been an astronaut whilst for others, a famous footballer.

Small Business

How to Deal With a Difficult Employee

We have all worked with one. You know, the employee who just does not get along with people, an individual that employers label difficult.

Credit Reports

Your Credit Score is What …?

Millions of people are struggling with bad credit. A poor credit score can negatively affect every aspect of your life, from getting a job to buying a new car.

Money News

Christmas Tipping: Who Gets What

My father-in-law worked as a doorman for more than 50 years at a Manhattan high-rise apartment. He did not make much money throughout the year, but at Christmas time he collected huge tips.

Business Services

4 Effective SEO Strategies for Today’s Webmasters

Webmasters have learned over the past few years that their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies must be continually honed and refined to reflect the latest changes from Google. Google is, of course, the largest search provider in the world.

Consumer Tips

Christmas Tree Shopping Tips, Fresh Style

Millions of Americans buy real Christmas trees each year, enjoying the smell and look of fir throughout the holiday season. Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can cost as little as $20 to well over $100.


How I Stream Video to Save Money on Cable Bills

I enjoy having access to all of my favorite shows when I want to watch them. That was one of the alluring aspects to first signing up with a satellite company using a DVR.

Small Business

Your Year End Business Check Up

With just weeks left in the year, businesses will soon close the books on another business year. But before the calendar flips over, you’ll want to ensure that several matters including tax issues are addressed well before then.

Consumer Tips

How to Hire an Attorney

We laugh at lawyer jokes, but when it comes time for legal representation the joie de vivre quickly comes to an end.


Renters Insurance: Surprisingly Affordable

If you are a tenant, you are not protected from loss if items are stolen from your apartment or your home is damaged. You need separate renters insurance, a policy between your insurance company and yourself.


5 Life Decisions that Lead to Early Retirement and Happy Living!

There are two common denominators when it comes to the working class. Those are planning for their future and retirement. Early retirement is the ideal, but how does one achieve that?

Consumer Tips

5 Wise Consumer Tips for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, consumers will find bargains on nearly everything. Stiff competition among brick and mortar and online retailers has made price-cutting a ‘year round endeavor.

Consumer Tips

Short on Funds? Just Barter It!

There is a separate, but legal economy at work in America today. It is known as bartering where goods and services are traded with no cash exchanged.