How I Stream Video to Save Money on Cable Bills

How I Stream Video to Save Money on Cable Bills
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    I enjoy having access to all of my favorite shows when I want to watch them.

    That was one of the alluring aspects to first signing up with a satellite company using a DVR.


When we moved into our new home, the satellite was simply too expensive to maintain and once our contract was up, we said good bye to them. But that didn’t stop us from keeping in touch with our favorite shows.

Get Internet Speeds to Stream

Many television stations broadcast their content on the Internet now. As I would rather have a $75 cable Internet bill than a $200 television bill, all of the computers in my home are able to stream video material with ease. Since we have four computers and a television that stream on a daily basis, I needed the bandwidth. This is not to mention that I have been more productive while I work online.

Visit Broadcaster Websites

As I mentioned above, we stream a lot of content from the Internet now. Since most of my favorite shows are online, I can merely visit the website and watch them. While not all of them are available that I would like to watch, it doesn’t justify the expense to me. Instead we visit the websites of those broadcast companies and stream the video from there.

The Wonder of YouTube

The Internet isn’t merely loaded with television programming. A lot of our favorites now consist of popular stars on YouTube. For instance, one person in particular provides just over eight minutes of news in a humorous fashion on a daily basis. This has become one of my favorite types of entertainment as there have been quite a few talented individuals on the video site. Whether I am in the mood for musical talent or comedy, YouTube has it all.

Streaming Subscriptions Like Netflix and Hulu

Subscription services are nice such as Netflix. This has got to be one of the most prominent methods of our entertainment as it only costs us $7.99 per month and we can stream video to our smart TV with a tap of the button. A lot of my favorite shows are present and the children love the collection of cartoon favorites. The only downside to Netflix is that you have to wait an entire live season of a show in order to watch. For instance, this season of "Walking Dead" won’t be out until next year. We’ve been toying with the idea of trying some of the other subscription-based entertainment sites out of curiosity.

Gaming Streams

As we are all gamers in the household, we find quite a bit of entertainment watching Twitch live streams from other gamers. While some of them have been a bit boring and not very entertaining, there have been gamer commentary that had my eyes watering as I was laughing so hard. One thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that a lot of gamers don’t keep it clean and may not be suitable for children to listen to.

You don’t need to pay the hundreds of dollars every month for satellite or cable services in order to find quality entertainment. We live in the digital age and a great deal of this entertainment can easily be found online. Regardless of your needs, there is always a site or a streaming service that can accommodate you. With the advent of Internet-ready, networking, smart TVs, it could only be a matter of time until traditional entertainment services are rendered obsolete.

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