7 Rocking Reasons to Use GMail

7 Rocking Reasons to Use GMail


Yahoo! Mail and the recently renamed Windows Live Hotmail are the two top email providers, but Google’s Gmail is running a strong third and gaining ground.

I’ve used all three services, but no longer use Hotmail after they unceremoniously froze my account after accusing me of using their service to spam people. Yes, Microsoft was in the right to shut me down, but they never allowed me to access my email files later on.

The ensuing headache and logistical problems that decision caused me was enormous (no appeal allowed), so don’t expect me to look favorably at anything Microsoft-related. Yes, I now use a Mac.

GMail rocks and I’m going to share with you seven reasons why it does:

1. Filters — GMail does an excellent job of getting rid of spam, yet sometimes messages slip through. But, there are also messages you may want to keep, but prefer to mark them “read” when they arrive in your inbox. That’s easy to do by email account, words and through the creation of labels.

2. Stars — When I get a message that I want to track, I activate a bright yellow star next to it.  That comes in handy when you don’t have time to read a message right now or want to reference it later on. The yellow star beckons you to check it out later.

3. Signatures — Rich text signature is a new feature, one that Mashable addressed recently. You can now include hyperlinks and pictures and change the text size, font and color.

4. Security — No email service is immune from being hacked, but if someone is sneaking a look at your messages, you can click the Details link in the footer to see who is looking at your email by access type, I.P. address and date/time.

5. Storage — Chances are you’ll never run out of storage capacity with GMail as its 7474 MB (and growing) space is more than what most people need. With 1200 messages saved, I’ve only reached 12 percent of my capacity.

6. Management — I own bunches of domains and can’t possibly keep track of email through my various accounts. But what I can do is use GMail for sending and receiving that mail. Even when mail is sent through GMail, I choose the “sent from” address to make it look like I used that account instead of GMail.

7. Shortcuts — The fewer keystrokes used the better, right? Google thinks so. In GMail you can turn these case-sensitive shortcuts on or off by clicking Settings and then choosing an option next to Keyboard shortcuts.

There are several other good reasons for using GMail, but I think these seven have things covered. Yes, GMail is free for individuals which makes whatever downfall ads may present worth putting up with.

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