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7 Rocking Reasons to Use GMail

Tweet Yahoo! Mail and the recently renamed Windows Live Hotmail are the two top email providers, but Google’s Gmail is running a strong third and gaining ground. I’ve used all

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Good Idea: Google Abandons Windows OS

Tweet It was bound to happen. Google is abandoning the Microsoft Windows operating system, telling its workers to use Linux powered PCs or switch to Mac and Apple’s proprietary OS.

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Hate Facebook? Diaspora May Do.

Tweet Open Source Social Networking Foundation Laid Diaspora: Personally Controlled, Do-It-All, Distributed Open-Source Social Network from daniel grippi on Vimeo. Facebook was started by a university student and its main

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June 7 Apple iPhone Debut Likely

Tweet Among the annual events important to many people are Christmas, their birthdays, and summer vacations. But for technophiles the next big Apple release ranks right up there, with the

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AOL Considers Trashing BEBO

Tweet “Blog early, blog often,” is a saying bloggers are fond of, a theme advanced by BEBO when it launched in January 2005. BEBO took the first letters of that