4 Effective SEO Strategies for Today’s Webmasters

4 Effective SEO Strategies for Today’s Webmasters
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    Webmasters have learned over the past few years that their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies must be continually honed and refined to reflect the latest changes from Google.

    Google is, of course, the largest search provider in the world.


It is also very secretive about what specific actions people should take to keep their sites within its good graces. Fortunately, there are certain SEO strategies that do work and are highly useful when employed today.

1. Local Results. The Internet may comprise the world wide web, but it is very local too especially if you run a business that serves your community primarily. And though showing up high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is important for your business, it may be web-based reviews that yield the best results. Learn what people are saying about your competitors and which sites feature these reviews. You then want to begin a concerted effort to get your own customers to leave their reviews too. As people shop for products they’ll be drawn to the multiple and authentic reviews about your business and will give you their business too.

2. Community Enhancement. Your customers want to “belong” and that association should be enhanced by engaging them through your website, by Facebook, through Twitter and other social media outlets. That means making your comment section user friendly and following the comments and tweets of social media users. It takes much work to engage your followers, but these are the people that are most likely to buy your products and to promote your business.

3. Content Marketing. Quite frankly, unless you are writing articles and having this information published to other websites, you’re missing out on an opportunity to get the word out. Content marketing has exploded in recent years as SEO experts search for ways to get the word out about their clients and find sites that are established, authentic and likely to be around for the long term. The articles must be trustworthy, informative and offer a low-key pitch, the latter typically including one link back to your client’s website in the author resource section at the end of the article. And you can’t do just a few articles either — it takes multiple articles created weekly or monthly and relevant to your client’s knowledge area. It must impart useful information or it will be deemed as spam.

4. Link Building. Building links continues to play an important role in creating higher visibility online. It has also caused much grief for webmasters who may have employed various gray hat tactics in a bid to stay ahead of the game. Link building begins by ensuring that sites you want to connect with are of excellent reputation. The days of using article directories, building multiple blogs and websites in your niche, and using web directories is past. Instead, you can use the Xenu Link Sleuth broken link checker to find websites with broken links. You can then contact the webmaster, inform them of the broken link and ask that your related link be included instead. If the webmaster does not accept your proposal, establish a relationship for future linking options.

Further Considerations

Are there other strategies that webmasters can employ to amplify their results? Yes, and the optimum word here is diversity. By diversity that means employing a number of different methods together. You cannot rely on just one to help your business. Instead, you should have a multi-prong approach at work and be relentless with your strategy.

Is SEO hard work? You bet it is! And that is why businesses large and small may outsource part or most of their SEO strategy. Every business operator needs to have at least some engagement, being ready to respond to customer feedback in real time.

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Kelvin Jenkins is a professional blogger that shares his advice on online marketing and SEO. He writes for Highervisibility.com Reviews, a leading search engine optimization firm.


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