The Pros and Cons of Being a Businessman

The Pros and Cons of Being a Businessman
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    Perhaps most of us can remember our early aspirations about what we wanted to do when we grew up.

    For some, it may have been an astronaut whilst for others, a famous footballer.


Few of us, at that age wouldn’t have even registered the idea of becoming a businessman.

Of course, astronaut dreams fade and as we can barely run a hundred yards, our desire to be a footballer fades for most of us. Our choices become more realistic as we weigh up the pros and cons of each possible career as we approach our adult life. For some, the decision to take a leap into the world of business may even come a little later on in life after they have gained experience working for an employer and gaining the skills needed.

The idea of success often becomes more attractive as we get older and realise the material benefits that this can bring, but is the desire to make money all that it takes to become a successful businessman?

Motivation and Drive

Of course, if the desire for money was all it took to be a successful businessman, then the world would be overpopulated with them. The reality though, is that many businessmen fail, not necessarily because of their actual business skills but because they lack the other characteristics necessary for success.

One of these characteristics is motivation and drive. Without these, only the extremely fortunate will survive, let alone thrive in the business world. To be successful, it means to wake up each morning thinking about how best to drive your business forward, making it not only profitable, but useful and interesting too, both for the consumer and the employee alike.

Risk Taking

The best businessmen have, at some point in time, usually taken a giant risk with a business decision. This doesn’t mean that they have been reckless in their decisions and a lot of thought and research will have gone into it. Sometimes though, a once successful industry will start to decline and because it is due to a change in the market, no amount of re-structuring will be able to save it. At times like these a businessman needs to be prepared to change direction completely in order to restore the business back to success.

Benefits and Sacrifices

Being successful as a businessman brings its rewards. One, obviously, is a reasonable standard of living but also a sense of achievement along, in many cases, with perks such as extensive travel and a chance to see the world that would not otherwise have been available.

There is though a price to pay for the benefits of being a businessman and that is, sadly, often at the expense of a personal life. It is difficult, unlike an employee, to switch off at the end of the day and you must always be available to be contacted should an important matter arise.

This and being away from home a lot can put a significant stress on family life, especially for those with children. Because of this, although the rewards are excellent, becoming a successful businessman like Tunde Folawiyo is simply not for everyone.

Ultimately, many types of people become successful businessman; some are highly educated, others simply have the gift of vision and drive. For each of these, there will inevitably be sacrifices to be made, sacrifices that, for some, are simply too big to make.

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