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Money Management

How to Tame the Money Monster

Tweet Debt is a reality for many Americans, a very present one at that. So many people are living from paycheck to paycheck, including those that are facing foreclosure or

Consumer Financing

Loan Consolidation Tips and Tricks

Tweet If you have debt, including high interest rate credit cards, then you may be desiring to consolidate what you owe. Debt consolidation can involve multiple loans and save you

Credit Cards

Bad Credit: No Problem Credit Cards

Tweet A credit score of under 550 has you in bad credit territory. Likely, you have a few dings on your record including a late payment, an overdrawn account or

Home Tips

How to Get and Stay Organized

Tweet After living in one place for several years, you have accumulated more stuff than you ever thought was possible. That is a natural progression for homeowners — you buy

Business Management

How to Win Employees to Change

Tweet Change. The very word “change” frightens some people, including employees who may wonder where they will fit in as progress is made. As a business manager you are tasked

Home Tips

How to Save Big Bucks on Home Repair

Tweet One broken appliance can set your budget on edge. A pattern of plumbing, electrical or building problems may put you in the modern equivalent of a poor house. Fortunately,

Small Business

Sold! How to Close a Sale

Tweet You are meeting with a client, an individual whose decision-making authority can open doors for your business. If this person accepts your product pitch, you will have your foot

Consumer Tips

What You Should Know About Timeshares

Tweet A timeshare describes jointly owned property that is typically used as a vacation home and allows the owners to use it at certain times of the year. Timeshares rose

The Game of Life

5 Fun & Easy Ways to Raise Money

Tweet If you need to raise money for a church mission trip or to support a community organization, you have a number of options available to you. These options include

Small Business

10 Employee Perks That Won’t Cost You a Cent

Tweet As a small business owner, you can’t possibly compete with the big guys. Not on salary. Nor on benefits. Then again, there is something about a small business that

Consumer Tips

14 Ways to Save on Water This Summer

Tweet Water sense tips you can implement today. It is going to be a long, hot summer, but that is not anything new. What is new are the advanced restrictions