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Business Services

4 Key Steps for Launching a Small Business

Tweet Millions of new businesses are started each year from work-at-home freelance and daycare operations to financially-backed commercial enterprises. Crafting a business plan can provide you with a blueprint to

Home Selling

Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

Tweet You are about to place your home on the market, but there is one thing you should do first: stage your home. To “stage” your home means giving it

Fun Stuff

10 Jobs Your Teen Can Do This Summer

Tweet Right about now, teenagers across the country are saying, “I’m bored!” That’s a logical response to a summer break where the school routine has ended. As a parent, you

Consumer Tips

You Can Rent Out Your Home for the Short Term

Tweet The travel bug has bitten you and you’re ready to head out for several months in a bid to see much of the world. Your plans have you traveling

Business Management

How to Find Affordable Retail Space

Tweet You have been renting vendor space at a popular flea market for years. More than a year ago you upgraded to permanent space inside, where you have enjoyed increased

Achieving Success

Is My Child Ready for Preschool?

Tweet Your child is three, perhaps four years old. She is sociable, inquisitive and is not afraid of trying new things. Clearly, this child is a candidate to attend preschool.

Consumer Tips

Retirement Planning: What is Involved

Tweet Saving money for retirement can take much effort especially if you have other responsibilities such as putting children through college, paying medical bills and handling your mortgage. Yet, even

Fun Stuff

How to Celebrate the 4th of July

Tweet The 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of several holidays throughout the years that Americans of every background, creed and ethnicity can celebrate. That it

Consumer Tips

How to Get a Bargain at Flea Markets

Tweet Flea markets are found across the country, allowing merchants to shop their wares and making it possible for consumers to find bargains. You’re likely to find good prices at

Small Business

Human Resources: Employee Rights

Tweet As a small business operator, you may be so busy running your business that you forget that your employees have certain expectations and rights that go beyond their job

Consumer Tips

How to Shop For a Deal at a Pawn Shop

Tweet Pawn shops have a seedy reputation, one that isn’t entirely deserved. These shops have been used to fence stolen goods and they aren’t always regulated as strongly as traditional