14 Ways to Save on Water This Summer

14 Ways to Save on Water This Summer
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    It is going to be a long, hot summer, but that is not anything new.

    What is new are the advanced restrictions your town has placed on water usage, mandating water bans and increasing usage costs to help consumers make more efficient choices.


Water sense tips you can implement today.

Regardless of your local weather conditions, conserving water makes sense. After all, who can live without it? What you can do is have a mind to conserve water by implementing 14 ways to save water this summer and throughout the year.

1. Brushing your teeth. When you brush your teeth, do you let the water run? If so, that is a big mistake. The only time you need to turn on the water is to wet your toothbrush then afterward when cleaning up.

2. When doing laundry. The next time you do laundry, only choose the water setting that matches your load. Go over that and you could see gallons upon gallons of water wasted when a smaller quantity would do.

3. Weed your lawn. One reason why you are watering your lawn so much is that weeds are taking over. Weeds compete with other plants, vying for water and nutrients that they need. Weed on a regular basis and take care of your garden too in a bid to reduce water consumption.

4. Take quick showers. How fast can you take a shower and still come away from it looking and feeling clean? Shave your shower time to its minimal length and you will save dozens of gallons of water each month.

5. Reuse gray water. Water used to clean dishes and laundry is considered gray water. Not necessarily gray in color, but representing water that is not fit for human consumption. Your plants, however, could use the water so capture the old water and give it your garden or lawn.

6. Install water saving aerators. Aerators installed on your faucets can reduce water consumption sharply, while still leaving you clean. A similar device can be installed on your shower heads.

7. Reconsider your cooking habits. Chances are you use more water to cook your food than needed. If you reduce the amount of water to a level that still gets the food cooked, you will save water. And your food will taste better too!

8. Lather with care. There a few times when you can turn off the water when you are cleaning yourself. Each one has to do with lathering: your hands, hair, your body. Once you are done lathering, then resume washing. You will have saved several gallons of water.

9. Thaw food naturally. If you forget to thaw your meats or other foods, water can thaw it for you. But why use water when a microwave can thaw food too?

10. Leave lawn clippings in place. A beautiful lawn is defined by its clear surface and clip-free look. Clippings, however, serve another purpose: when left in place they help the lawn retain water better, resulting in less watering.

11. Shop for an EnergyStar dishwasher. When it comes time to replace your current dishwasher, opt for an EnergyStar rated appliance. These labels ensure that your washer operates more efficiently, using less water and electricity than others.

12. Soak pots and pans. Speaking of washing dishes, simply allow pots and pans to soak instead of scrubbing and rinsing them off. You will save water by allowing them to naturally rid waste.

13. Fix that leak. How many gallons of water do you lose each week with that leak? More than 100 gallons most likely. Get out your wrench and fix that leak today!

14. Collect rain water. Are there ways you can harvest rain water for later reuse? Yes, especially if you can place containers at the end of downspouts or redirect these to water your lawn. Begin to look at rain differently — see how the water flows when it fall and look for ways to carefully redirect it.

Water Savings

There are countless other ways you can save water in a bid to reduce your utility bill and conserve an important resource. You community may offer assistance too by providing high efficiency shower heads, faucet aerators and financial incentives to keep your water consumption down.

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