How to Trim Your Cell Phone Bill

How to Trim Your Cell Phone Bill
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    Most adults in the world now have cell phones, a ubiquitous tool that is used in the teeming cities of Asia to the outback of Australia.

    As long as you have a phone and a connection you are good to go and are able to stay in contact with people the world over.


That contact comes at a price — a heavy one at that. Paying $100 or more per month for cell phone coverage is not uncommon especially with multiple members of your household using them. Here’s how to trim your cell phone bill.

1. Find out what the competition is charging. Cell phone plans typically last for two years and then are up for renewal. If you automatically renew with your current carrier, then you may miss out on a discount offered by another provider. Take the time to shop the competition and you should be able to shave 10 percent or more off from your monthly bill.

2. Take the available discount. Many companies work directly with cell phone carriers to get the lowest possible rates. Those discounted rates are often available to employees for their personal phones so find out from your Human Resources department if that benefit is available to you. Savings typically come in at $10 to $15 per month.

3. Be mindful of small charges. What really socks it to some cell phone users are those pesky little charges that could have been avoided in the first place. Such as 411 information calls, roadside assistance and calls to listen to your horoscope. Each call may result in a special charge, what can add significantly to your cell phone bill.

4. Consider a no-contract plan. The two-year cell phone contract is the common way to go, but there are no-contract plans that might be a better deal for you. Just know that you will need to buy the cell phone and pay full price, but you may be able to avoid that cost if your current phone will do. A no-contract plan works best for people that do not use a lot of minutes for the month. It can also be ideal if your current contract comes to an end and you want some extra time to learn what is out there before committing to a new deal.

Money Savings

With even just a cursory look at your current cell phone bill you should be able to identify overcharges and discover ways to trim your cell phone bill. Avoid the costly extras (excessive minutes, texting and roaming charges) and you will begin saving yourself some money.

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