A Cursory look at the Greatest iPhone Apps: Part 3

A Cursory look at the Greatest iPhone Apps: Part 3
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    Here we will discuss 2 more great iPhone picture apps.

    1. The different photo combination app

    2. The photo enhancing and fix apps


Here we will discuss 2 more great iPhone picture apps.

The different photo combination app

This app is designed to help you create different styles and pictures of a particular image. The ”Hipstamatic and the Oggl” apps are good apps that you will need for this great function on your iPhone.

The “Hipstamatic app” is very popular because it offers you the powerful and simple way of creating stunning pictures in a wide variety different styles. This app can be said to be a camera app which is designed to mimic the great effect of the kinds of modern and vintage films, flash and lens.

Making use of the different combinations or combos as they are popularly called will help you achieve a wide range of different photographic effects of a single image. With the use of this app, the effects of the picture are usually applied right at the time of taking the photo. The app cannot be used to edit the image of a photo after it had been taken by you.

This app comes basically with a collection of films, flash options and lenses from the App Store. You are also given an option of buying additional films, flash options and lenses that might even be up to a dozen (this is as an “in app purchase”).

The “Oggl app” is another great different combination photo app and it is slightly different from the “Hipstamatic app” in that it affords you with the privilege of being able to change your lens and film settings for a photo after you have taken it, which is really great.

It allows you the flexibility of taking a photo with any lens/film combo that you desire after which you can make use of an endless variety of combinations until you get the one that you are satisfied and happy with.

A lot of Oggl users love this feature and it is this feature that makes it stand out from the Hipstamatic app. This app can be downloaded free from the App Store and there is the provision that allows you to buy more “in app” that will help you expand the basic collection of lenses and films on your iPhone.

This app affords you with the option of an annual subscription that will help you have access to all the lenses and films that are available at the App Store.

The photo enhancing and fix apps

This is another type of app that you will need for your iPhone if you are interested in creating great pictures from your iPhones. One great example of such an app is the” Camera+ app” which is an app that combines the photo editing app of the Pro camera 8 and the camera app itself.

However, this app is unique because of the availability and combination of many great features. The camera section of this app is great because it can be used in separating the exposure and focus points quite easily. It also gives you the full manual control of all the exposure settings.

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Features of this great app

  1. It has the built in macro mode feature which makes use of digital zoom to create a very great macro effect. It might not really be the same as a true macro lens and an example of such is the Olloclip. It however does a very great job of simulating the far reaching close up effect of all kinds of macro photography.
  2. This app offers you a huge range of tools that are suitable for the enhancement and the editing of photos and images.
  3. There is the preset adjustment feature that is automatic and there is also the great range of the manual slider adjustment that is suitable for exposure, sharpness and color. It is also great for the straightening, the application and the rotating of a vignette.
  4. One other excellent feature of this app is the varied and extensive set of filters that the app offers you. This filter helps you in the editing of your photo. This app is also handy in the way that it previews how each filter will appear on your photo before you even apply it. This app gives you the ability of layering up multiple filters and it also allows you to adjust the intensity to suit your need.
  5. This app is equally great because it is very easy to make use of and it is an app that is designed in such a way that will make you spend a lot of time on it, and you will still not be able to make use of all the options that are available on it. This app is also available at the App Store.

Stay tuned for the last part, part 4, next week!


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