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Credit Cards

How to Choose the Best Rewards Card

Tweet If there is one thing Americans love, it is earning rewards for using their credit cards. According to a survey performed by Fidelity, over 55% of people who have

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Free and Easy Vacation Saving Ideas

Tweet However, if you really want to get away there may be some ways for you to offset your costs by taking advantage of free and easy vacation saving ideas.

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7 Money Tips For February 2011

January is over, with millions of Americans feeling regret over promises made and broken following hasty resolutions made for the new year. Hopefully, those resolutions don’t involve money, but if they do all is not lost. February gives people yet another chance to start anew, perhaps making their first promises of this young year.

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7 Tips for Saving Money on Your Vacation

Tweet Save some serious cash while away this summer. Last week, we covered “7 Tips for Extending Your Summer Entertainment Dollars,” in a bid to help families have fun over

Credit Cards

How To Find A Better Rewards Card

Tweet So, how are the new government credit card regulations working out for you? If you are like most cardholders, the terms of your credit card agreement have changed, perhaps

Credit Cards

Credit Card Consolidation Options For You

Tweet If you owe money on various credit cards, then credit card consolidation can work for you. You may not be able to wipe out all of your debt at

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Not All Credit Cards Are The Same!

Tweet How many credit cards do you carry? 2? 5? 11? If you were to add up all of your store cards, gas cards and your MasterCard, VISA, American Express,

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Sifting Through The Credit Card Fine Print

Tweet Shopping For A New Credit Card You’re shopping for a new credit card and you’ve narrowed down the offers to a handful that seem right for you. This was

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How To Successfully Play The Rewards Card Game

Tweet Credit cards are the backbone of the financing industry, driving profits to those institutions who manage their programs well. Competition for customers is fierce and, although consumers typically hold

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Choosing The Right Credit Card In 2008

Tweet It is a fact: not all credit cards are created equally. Some credit card providers charge annual fees, others offer low introductory rates, while some offer rewards every time