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Annuity Means Safety: Annuity Investment FAQs

The wise ones say, prevention is better than cure. Annuity investments may not give you very high returns, but you have the assurance that you can’t lose all your money by default of a firm.


Mutual Funds: A Key Investment Strategy

Are you looking for a way to diversify your investment portfolio while still minimizing risk and maximizing returns? Mutual funds may be the way to do just that.

The Game of Life

Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Stress Levels Low During Graduate School

Graduate students often feel an overwhelming amount of pressure coming from practically everyone in their life. Ongoing stress will not only hamper your ability to learn, but it could also affect your physical health over the course of your studies.


5 Stocks to Watch in 2016

Despite great up and down movements caused by both bears and bulls, 2015 ended along the notes that were constant in the second part of the year.


6 Tips for Traders to Survive and Win in the Volatile Year of 2016

2016 is predicted to be an exciting year for traders. With the FED raising rates, the ECB continuing to print money, China’s stocks plunging and emerging economies wanting to take the front page of newspapers, everyone who wants to trade can expect volatility.

Financial Planning

The Importance of Setting Financial Goals

Tweet But when it comes to financial security and retirement planning, we don’t have a choice.  No matter your current situation, it is of the utmost importance that you treat


Recent Development in Gold Trading Worldwide

Gold, the world’s favorite precious metal, has known quite some volatile times recently. The metal caught the market’s attention for a multitude of reasons we will discuss in the following article. If you want to invest in Gold in 2016, here are some things you need to know.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Feb 21: Money Saving Tips: Auto Insurance

One area that consumers should consider when making any new car purchase is car insurance. You could end up paying thousands of dollars extra over the next five years in elevated insurance premiums.

The Game of Life

Basic Winter Storm Preparation Information

Climate change all over the world means that one is bound to face a winter storm in America in his/her lifetime. This is why basic knowledge on how to deal with one is vital. Winter storms range from blinding blizzards that may last for several days to moderate snowing that may only be there for a few hours.

Business Management

Essential Skills For Surviving In The Modern Business World

One of the most exceptional traits that human beings have is the ability of fast learning and adaptation. Up to this day, we have evolved and specialized in many skills that enabled us to survive and prosper.

Autos Express

Smart Ways to Get a Car During Your Studies

Students were always a very mobile and dynamic bunch and that’s why they need to have a car to get on time to their university classes, part-time jobs and of course student parties.


Finance for Everyone: How to get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Finances, the big F of adult life, and the big mishap that most adults seem to have trouble understanding or sorting through.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Feb 14: What To Do For Valentines?

How about planning some future travel together … over a nice Valentines treat. It doesn’t need to be something expensive. But some place that perfect for the two of you.

Home Financing

Pros and Cons of Using a Home Equity Loan to Fund College

If they can’t save a vast amount of money until their children finish high school, parents have to find different means to pay for education.

Consumer Tips

The Must Know First Aid Principles You Need to Teach Your Kids

When schools are closed (for weather or other), all the kids are home. As a parent, this can be a bitter sweet moment for you especially when the kids are at a certain age when they are always at an all-time adrenaline high and up to no good.