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Credit Management

6 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score is composed by three different credit consumer bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It is important to know your score for several reasons.


Six Things You Need to do to Make Money Work for You

Regardless of how you feel about money, the undisputable fact is that we all need it. Some of us have more of it than others and others are able to get by with what they have because they are conscious of it.

Mobile Devices

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud Using BIN Checker Apps

The impact of credit card fraud (you choose) can be far-reaching… not only affecting the credit card holder but also the online merchants and the Credit Card Company.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Sept 04: New Rights for Credit Card Holders

Tweet New rules designed to protect consumers are being rolled out in steps with full changes taking place in February 2010. What You Should Know Credit card issuers are required

ID Theft

Credit Card Fraud: How not to Become a Victim

What is credit and charge card fraud? It’s when a person uses your credit card without your permission.

Money Management

Credit Or Debit? How To Make Smarter Payment Options With Your Purchases

When you get done with your shopping trip, you are usually met with the question of whether to use debit or credit when you check out. While the question itself is innocuous, it does bring up a fair point.

Credit Cards

5 Things You Should Never Buy on Credit

Credit cards have some useful purposes, but they’re not a great option for certain purchases.

Business Financing

What You Need to Know About Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are so convenient, yet they can also be confusing. While many business cards are connected to your business account, some are tied in with your personal credit, quite possibly exposing you personally should you default.

Small Business

How to Get a Small Business Credit Card

Tweet Such cards are aimed at business owners and offer such features as online bill payment, expense categorization and loyalty points. Getting a small business credit card is a fairly

Consumer Financing

Teen Money Matters That Matter

Tweet Teenagers that do not know how to manage their money will grow up to become adults with money problems, perhaps passing on bad habits to their own children. Getting

Consumer Tips

7 Expenses to Cut Immediately

Tweet Making more money is, of course, the ideal and an ongoing goal. Cutting your expenses is something that you can do immediately, by attending to the following seven items.

Money Management

12 Sensible and Fun Money-Saving Tips

Tweet Trying to save money is a drag, isn’t it? Well, it is a necessary matter for most Americans, who are feeling the squeeze from stagnant incomes, falling home values

Credit Cards

New to Credit Cards? Some Tips for Beginners

Tweet Using a credit card responsibly is a great way to demonstrate to financial institutions that you’re a suitable customer for their services. If you’re new to credit cards, or

Tax Tips

How to Pay Your Property Taxes Online

Tweet Online payment options for your property taxes. If you’re a homeowner and have an outstanding mortgage, then your property tax is most likely held in escrow with funds taken