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Small Business

Steps to Acquire a Small Business Disaster Loan

When a disaster hits, residential, commercial and retail properties alike may be damaged or destroyed. If you own a small business your company may have been affected.

Consumer Tips

Stellar Customer Service and How to Get It

Customer service is on the decline or at least it often seems that way. Walk into most any department store and harried clerks have little time to answer your questions let alone handle the crowds congregating around the cash register.

Business Services

6 Strategies for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail campaign provides a great way for your business to get the word out. Such campaigns are low cost, have a far reach and can provide an excellent return on your investment.

Small Business

Consumer Advertising Platforms for Small Businesses

It may not be every day that your business runs ads, especially given the cost of advertising. Ads may sometimes miss the mark, making it difficult for businesses to justify the expense.

Travel Tips

Exploring Miami – The Best Holiday Destination

Tweet Miami offers one of the best holiday destinations; it has a perfect atmosphere for relaxation as well as a wide variety of activities such as water sports, sun bathing

Money News

What You Need to Know About Money Management

Tens of millions of Americans are weighed down by debt, with many people insolvent or bankrupt. Living within one’s means is what points to good money management, a skill that anyone can acquire.

Credit Cards

5 Things You Should Never Buy on Credit

Credit cards have some useful purposes, but they’re not a great option for certain purchases.

Business Management

You Can Make That Flawless Job Offer

Finding the right job candidate takes time and should include a thorough vetting process. Once you have found your best candidate among your short-list prospects, you are ready to extend a job offer.

Small Business

The Short List: How to Choose the Best Person for the Position

The interviewing process can be a long one especially for senior-level job candidates and professionals that have unique skills.

Small Business

What You Need to Know About Buying a Franchise

You have decided to leave the confines of the 8-to-5 work world or perhaps you have tired of your early retirement and want to take on life’s next big challenge. Your quest for something better can be fulfilled in buying a business franchise, enabling you to get in on an opportunity you might otherwise not try.

Small Business

Captive Advertising and Your Small Business

Captive advertising, sometimes known as captive audience advertising, has seen better days. These days, ads are served up all over the place and “ad blindness” has set in.

Small Business

When Traditional Marketing Efforts Do Not Work

Newspaper advertising is expensive and not very effective. Television and radio advertising are also costly, while Internet advertising is a hit or a miss. Usually a miss.

Small Business

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Watch just one episode of “The Office” and you will see workplace dysfunction at play. Although the now retired television series was a parody of the office environment, avid watchers and office workers alike would tell you that there was an element of truth between each caustic line.

Small Business

About Fixed Rate Secured Loans for Businesses

If you need to borrow money for your business, a fixed rate secured loan may provide you with the best borrowing option.

Consumer Tips

How to Fix a Credit Report Error

Tweet That information is bought by companies and can have a profound impact on whether you get new credit, are approved to lease an apartment or even qualify for a