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Top 3 Reasons Why a Longer Term Car Loan May be Better for You

In buying a car it’s often wise to consider the financing arrangements first. Before ever stepping foot in a dealership (must less falling head-over-heels in love with a new car), knowing your financing options and carefully planning the details will help to ensure a smart purchase.

Credit Cards

5 Considerations When Applying for a Credit Card

When shopping for a new credit card, know that your application will receive thorough scrutiny. Don’t be fooled by the 60-second response deals — you will get your answer fast because your information is pulled, reviewed and scored by computers.

Business Management

Identifying “Social” Mistakes In Business

Till to this day, both small and big business owners have failed to identify the importance of Social Media for steering their commercial aspirations. Even if they have understood its significance they fail to utilize it properly.

Consumer Tips

How to Obtain a Credit Card Credit Line Increase

It is possible to get a credit line increase for your credit card. Your current credit card may offer a small credit line, making it difficult for you to make larger purchases.

Money Management

Better to Build Savings or Pay off Debt

Have you ever cut a pie into equal pieces with your hands bound together? The idea is absurd when everyone knows one hand is needed to steady the pan while the other makes the cuts.

Home Buying

Crime and New Neighborhoods: What to Discover

Ah, neighborhoods. Wide open streets with smooth sidewalks. Lined curbs and street lighting. Nicely manicured homes with fresh coatings of paint and driveways with nary a crack in them.

Consumer Tips

Keeping Yourself Safe On the Street

Tweet INFOGRAPHIC Statistics on theft (including a 56% drop in burglary rates between 1994-2011). Also provides tips for how to protect yourself and your family. Image source: ————————————————————————————————————- end