How to Obtain a Credit Card Credit Line Increase

How to Obtain a Credit Card Credit Line Increase
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    It is possible to get a credit line increase for your credit card.

    Your current credit card may offer a small credit line, making it difficult for you to make larger purchases.


Obtaining a credit card credit line increase is a straightforward process for most consumers.

1. Know Your Credit Line. What is your credit line? That information is available right on your monthly statement. It may have changed since you were first approved to use that card, generally rising as you use and pay off your card regularly. Review your current statement or log online and obtain that information through your account.

2. Use Your Credit Wisely. You stand a good chance of obtaining a credit line increase if you demonstrate responsibility with your current account. Always make your payments on time and, if possible, pay off your balances monthly. It may take six to 12 months of active credit card use before a credit line increase is granted.

3. Contact Your Credit Card Provider. Make contact with your credit card issuer. The customer service number is typically found on the back of the card and on your monthly statements. Speak with a customer service representative to request an increase. That increase may be automatic, providing a fixed jump. For instance, if you have a $1,000 credit line, you may automatically be increased to $1,200. If the increase is not enough, then ask for the amount that you want.

4. Review Your Records. A credit line increase should be given on the spot. You can verify this information by reviewing your next credit card statement or logging on to your account the following business day to review the update. If the increase has not been posted to your account, follow up with your credit card issuer to have your records updated.

5. If Turned Down. If your credit card issuer turns down your request for a credit line increase, you can ask to speak to a manager. Explain your desire for an increase and the amount that you would like to receive. It may take some extra work on your part to obtain approval or you may need to pay off other balances first before obtaining that increase.

6. Apply For Credit Elsewhere. If your efforts to receive a credit line increase are thwarted, consider applying for a new credit card elsewhere. Keep in mind that each application for a new credit can lower your credit score, so take this step as a last resort. Your current credit card provider may have a change of heart if you inform them of your intention to switch.

Credit Considerations

Keep tabs on your personal credit by reviewing your three credit reports once annually. You can find reports from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian at, enabling you to obtain a free copy of each report each year.


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