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International Driver Insurance- Things You Should Know

Tweet However vehicle owners for a fact are aware of the thing that getting ideal insurance deals for your car can be quite cumbersome. On top of that, if you


Why You Are Paying Too Much For Auto Insurance

Tweet Insurance costs can sometimes rise and much faster than the rate of inflation. Read on and we will look at some of the reasons why those rates are so

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15 Ways to Reduce Your Car Expenses

Tweet Quite easily, we can spend thousands of dollars annually on personal transportation, paying out for car loans, registration fees, taxes, gas, maintenance and repairs at an elevated rate. You

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How to Document Your Auto Insurance Claim

Tweet Quick thinking and accurate documentation can save you money. You’ve just had an accident with your car. Everybody is okay, but your car took a beating. If your auto

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Does Your 2012 Car Meet the Safety Grade?

Tweet IIHS releases most recent “top safety pick” winners list. How well does your car hold up in a crash? Knowing that is important for two reasons: 1) you want

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5 Signs it’s Time for a New Auto Insurance Agent

Tweet Are you satisfied with your insurer’s customer service? By Carol Montrose Unfortunately, a bad agent can make the whole experience entirely too difficult. If you think that your agent

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7 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Tweet There are many ways for you to save money on car insurance. We’ve listed seven of these as follows: 1. Low Mileage Discounts – Auto insurers routinely base your

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Auto Insurance Myths Die Hard, Don’t They?

Tweet Red cars make auto insurers see green, right? Green, as in cash. Well, no. The Insurance Information Institute, an organization with a mission to educate the public about the

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Top 5 Insurance Companies

Tweet By Jessica Bosari 1. Progressive As the third biggest car insurance company in America, Progressive offers some of the best rates you can find on car insurance coverage. Their

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Auto Insurance Premium Terms Defined

Tweet When shopping for auto insurance, you will come across many terms, some which may be familiar such as collision (repairs to your vehicle) and comprehensive (vehicle repairs, non-accidents) others

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How to Save Money in This Lousy Economy

Tweet Economists agree that the last recession ended in June 2009, but that is small comfort for most Americans. With nearly 15 million people unemployed, signs of recovery are nearly

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6 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Car Accident

Tweet By  Ann Smarty Do you know what to do if you are involved in an auto accident? Your ability to make the right decisions following an auto accident can