4 Careers for People Who Want to Help Others

4 Careers for People Who Want to Help Others


An accountant crunches some numbers to determine if staff can receive a raise this year. And a school custodian maintains a building so that kids can safely attend school. There’s beauty in the fact that essentially every job touches the lives of other people.

Still, some people want to do something that directly improves others’ daily lives. They want to jump into the thick of people’s troubles and lend a hand—sometimes literally.

If you’re researching careers for people who want to help others, read these suggestions. Better yet, though, let them guide your thinking towards what you’re uniquely passionate about.

Domestic Violence Counselor

Counselors, in general, have unparalleled contact with people. Talking through life experiences and feelings is deeply personal, and helping clients to implement a plan for change is about as direct as you can get.

That said, not all counselors deal with the same topics. Some choose to address past trauma as a domestic violence counselor.

This brand of counseling steeps you into the ugliness of human behavior, but prior education and training equip you to help domestic violence victims recover and lead fulfilling lives.

Though some positions only require an undergraduate degree, you typically enter the field after a master’s degree or more.

Dental Assistant

Meanwhile, a career as a dental assistant affords you a hands-on means of helping others.

Not only do you make the dentist’s job easier during a procedure, but you are responsible for communicating with your patients beforehand and afterward.

When done correctly, your assistance and to-the-point advice promote healthy patient outcomes.

More specifically, the role of a pediatric dentist assistant allows you to help kids. In this case, given many kids’ heightened fears of the dentist, your communication role takes on added importance.

If you can soothe a child as they’re in the office, you can help them beat their fears and limit the possibility of an accident. To begin life as a dental assistant, you’ll need anywhere from 13 weeks to two years of education and training.

911 Dispatcher

Another career for people who want to help others that’s also communication-heavy is in 911 dispatch. In this field, your voice and quick decision-making are all you have to offer someone who calls, but you are the bridge between them and the specific help they need. If you thrive in high-stakes situations, this may be your calling.

While it’s hard not knowing what happens to some callers or being able to see their faces, 911 dispatchers feel a tremendous amount of purpose in this job. It’s also available to anyone with a GED who undergoes organization-specific training.

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Defense Attorney

While not all lawyers duke it out with prosecutors in front of a jury, defense trial attorneys often do. You need acute attention to detail, the ability to think quickly during argumentation, and, above all, a conviction that allows you to endure the disappointments and slog of lawyer work.

If you want to pursue this deeply meaningful position, you’ll need to complete law school and serve at a law firm that picks up the cases of the less fortunate. Some organizations specifically defend people facing the death penalty or those facing racially or otherwise discriminatory charges.

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