Alternative Options to College for Career Go-Getters

Alternative Options to College for Career Go-Getters
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    As important as obtaining a college degree is for many students fresh out of high school, not every individual is cut out for the academic lifestyle of a college campus.


This can often leave them feeling like they’re out of options and struggling to decide what they want their careers to be. The truth is, however, that college isn’t their only opportunity. There are various adventures to be had, and careers to be built, that don’t require a four-year diploma. If you’re not interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree, explore these potential alternative options to college.

Attend a Trade School

If you enjoy working with your hands, trade school is a great way to hone and diversify your skills for the workforce. In fact, with a high percentage of students pursuing college degrees, trade jobs are more in demand now than ever before.

This makes it significantly easier to find a job once you’re done with your education. Additionally, trade schools don’t cost as much as universities, leaving you with less loan debt to worry about.

Start a Business Venture

Not everyone needs to obtain a business degree to run their own company. While having an intellectual background in business management is always helpful, most of an individual’s business knowledge comes from experience.

This experience isn’t something you can obtain from a book alone, but rather from putting yourself out there and striving to make your product a success. This process can help you develop crucial skills such as critical thinking, time management, and how to overcome specific obstacles in the real world.

Obtain a Certification

Though trade school is a wonderful option for many, you may not want to make the commitment. Fortunately, there are a plethora of online and in-person certification programs for a series of lucrative jobs. Industries such as cosmetology, warehouse management, forklift operating, and aircraft piloting can be pursued through a series of certifications and experience in the field.

Begin an Internship

Internships are a highly effective way to learn more about your field while gaining experience on the job. Classrooms can only provide a student with the intellectual know-how of how an industry works. An internship, however, allows you to take action by applying the knowledge and adapting to real-life scenarios.

Working at an internship also helps build your network by putting you in contact with key figures in the industry. As a result, your hard work could open doors for you and make additional opportunities available throughout your career.

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Serve the Country

Another potential career option after high school is to join the armed forces. Whether you choose to enlist in the military, air force, or navy, these careers come with several benefits that can assist you in future endeavors.

Some of these benefits include a regular salary, diverse and versatile training, tuition reductions for future college courses, and free health care. Once you leave the service, you’ll gain access several helpful amenities that will allow you to adjust to civilian life and find work.

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