Finding a Job: Six of the Most Marketable Degrees

Finding a Job: Six of the Most Marketable Degrees
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    Finding a job isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, many college graduates ended up taking jobs that don’t relate their degrees because they need to start making money right away.


Fortunately, there are certain degrees that lead to jobs that are in high demand right now. Choosing an industry with limited competition for jobs will allow you to start work quickly after graduation, and get on the fast track to a lucrative position. Keep reading to learn about the most marketable degrees that will help you in your quest to land a job after (or even before!) you graduate.

Health Care Administration

There will always be a need for healthcare. This is especially the case as the very large baby boomers’ generation enters retirement age. More positions are needed in addition to doctors and nurses. There is also a great need for people with administration skills to manage hospitals, clinics and more. This is why bachelor’s degrees in health care administration are highly sought after along with nurses, doctors, EMT’s, and other specialists.

Business Administration

Bachelor’s degrees in business administration are specifically designed to allow a person to become a leader and strong decision maker in the corporate world. The analytical skills and business knowledge obtained from such a degree can be applied to nearly any industry. For this reason, a college student with a knack for leadership should consider obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration.


One of the most important parts of being successful in business is effective communication. Bachelor’s programs in communications teach students how to effectively communicate to consumers, co-workers and the world at large as a business or organization. Thanks to social media and the internet, being able to control your messaging as a business is as important as ever, and communication experts are in high demand.


There has always been a great need for legal council, and this remains true as new laws are created and old ones are done away with.  Whether you specialize in crime cases, legal aid, divorce cases, or property law, there is a need for legal professionals in almost every industry. Obtaining a masters law degree will allow students to take their pick at the kinds of companies or industries where they are interested in practicing law.

Civil Engineering

Another career that will surely always have a healthy job market is engineering. Whether it is designing buildings, bridges or roadways, civil engineers are highly sought after. Obtaining this degree requires a heavy course load rich in math and science, as well as their practical applications to construction and design.


Lastly, every business, organization, and even individual requires accounting services. Accounting allows companies to follow the law, stop internal theft, and insure the company is spending money in a way that actually produces a profit. Individuals with a lot of income or expenses will likely hire a personal attorney to handle their finances to reduce the risk of mistakes. Whether you are a corporate or personal accountant, there are plenty of people who will need your assistance to keep the books in order.

Regardless of your major, college degrees are still very valuable in the work place. However, certain degrees are far more sought after than others, and can lead to job security early on in your career. By choosing your degree wisely, you can have your choice of jobs upon graduation, instead of spending months on the job hunt, or entering an industry that doesn’t relate to your education.


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